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Blog Post Checklist for WordPress Authors

On September 26th, 2015 at 9AM, I delivered a presentation titled “Blog Post Checklist” at the 2nd Annual WordCamp Tampa. This blog post is an example of all the items discussed in the checklist, as well as providing all the slides to those in attendance... read more

Website Speed: Above the Fold in 1.923 Seconds

Nothing makes your website perform better for your user or search engines than speed. Nothing will remind you that auto racing is a team sport like the pit stop. Imagine being in the lead with a lead of several seconds and increasing that gap on your closest... read more

How Many WordPress Plugins Is Too Many?

I’m often asked the question, is there a limit to the amount of plugins that WordPress can have? Or, do you have a limit? The answer is that there is no limit, but the fewer is always better. The truth is that it really depends on variables such as your hosting... read more

Optimizing For Bing

Google has maintained its status as the de facto search engine for the web for almost 2 decades now. Microsoft has spent billions to just maintain second place. However, Bing’s market share is still in the double digits. Also, since Bing powers Yahoo search, the... read more

Can’t Afford SEO? Do This ONE Thing Instead

If you’ve ever attended any of Steve Scott’s SEO training classes, you’ll learn that there are hundreds of factors that need to be considered to ensure that your site is technically up to snuff as well as take advantage of all the opportunities available to rank well.... read more

Fix Missing hentry Structured Data

You may have noticed that Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) has been including notifications of Structured Data warnings for hentry data types such as missing: author, missing: update, and missing: entry-title, particularly for websites using WordPress.... read more

Click-To-Call For Your Website

In December 2013, mobile phone internet usage exceeded PC usage, and since April 2015, Google announced that not having a mobile-friendly version of your website will harm your rankings on those devices. At this point, I should not have to explain the importance of... read more

SEO Tools We Use On a Daily Basis

The amount of data required to analyze and research opportunities for SEO in today’s climate is getting more and more massive each day. Managing that data and combing through it to make decisions is important, and just as you should trust the tools in your garage to... read more

Google Drops Google+ Requirements For Products

Google is now dropping the requirement that Google+ must be used for its products beginning in the coming months with YouTube. For several years now Google has forced users into using their Google+ platform with all their products. This is great if you’re an Android... read more

And Then They Called It Yoast SEO

Version 2.3 includes a few new features, but nothing ground breaking. I normally don’t talk about each new version of Yoast SEO, but since I’ve done a handful of presentations about the plugin in the last few months at some local Tampa SEO and WordPress Meetups, I’ve... read more
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