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First WordPress Class of 2013 Announced for Tampa Florida.

Learn WordPress: The Basics and Beyond

UPDATE: Current Dates, Details and Registration Information located here:

WordPress currently accounts for almost 25% of all new websites that are created each day.  This powerful tool can do almost anything you want it to if you just knew exactly what to do.

At my 2 Day hands-on WordPress Class, I’ll help you learn WordPress the fun and easy way!

My latest WordPress Training Course will help you understanding how to best use WordPress to accomplish your online goals. I will personally show you the tools, techniques and strategies you’ll need to create a top notch (and secure) WordPress website that not only looks great but does well in the search engines too.

Class will be held on Monday February 11th and Tuesday February 12th from 9:00am – 5:00pm at our facility near the Tampa International Airport.

You do not need to know WordPress or currently have a WordPress site in order to participate and learn. As part of the enrollment fee, each participant will receive a FREE hosting account with WordPress on it to use and practice on during class and for 1 month after class ends.

Topics for this 2-Day WordPress Class include:

Day 1: WordPress – The Basics

  • What exactly is a Blog?
  • Why You Absolutely Need a Blog?
  • What is WordPress
  • Should I use or
  • Installing and Setting Up WordPress
  • Selecting & Installing Themes
    • How to quickly and easily create your own custom themes
  • Understanding the difference between Posts and Pages
  • Using WordPress as a Website or a Blog.
  • Using the WordPress Admin Interface
    • Selecting the proper WordPress Settings
    • Reviewing the WordPress Admin Menu Items

Day 2: WordPress – Beyond the Basics

  • Understanding, Selecting and Installing Plugins
    • Review of some of the top Plugins for:
      • WordPress Site Functionality
      • Images and Video
      • Search Engine Optimization,
      • Social Media,
      • Spam Control
      • Contact Forms
      • Backup & Security, & more
  • Using Widgets
    • Dynamic Widgets
  • Adding Contact Forms
  • Minimizing Comment Spam
  • The WordPress File Structure
  • Securing and Backing Up WordPress
  • Tips for Optimizing your WordPress Site for the Search Engines
  • Class includes 1 month of post-class mentoring for follow up questions or emails.

In addition to all the great information you’ll learn in class, I will also be including 1 month of FREE post-class mentoring to help you figure things out or answer any questions you may have after class ends.

Remember, for just $299 you’ll get:

  • 16 Hours of WordPress training and training material,
  • A Free WordPress website and free hosting for one month, and
  • One month of Free post-class mentoring to help you solidify your training.

Or you may attend either single day of training for just $199

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call.

Hope to see you in February.

First WordPress Class of 2013 Announced for Tampa Florida. was last modified: August 12th, 2013 by Steve Scott

About Steve Scott

Steve Scott is the CEO & Director of Training at the Tampa SEO Training Academy. He has taught SEO skills to people from around the world and currently offers his hands-on search engine optimization training workshops in Tampa to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Corporate SEO training classes and consulting are also available.

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