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December Testimonials

Fernando O. GraduationThe workshop is helping me to take a systematic approach to SEO. Also to find more creative solutions in the websites.

— Fernando O.

Steve D. GraduationGreat class/Great teacher. Covered much more about how to integrate design into SEO or vica-versa. Sections on how engines crawl etc. Very informative.

— Steve D.

Good real-live examples of sites that currently use these concepts and hands on work as well. 

— Tiffany O.

Dan H. GraduationIn SEO, it’s the nitty gritty stuff that makes it work. It’s not difficult, it’s knowing how to do the steps.

— Dan H.

November Testimonials

Daniel C. GraduationGreat class, very practical, very personalized, lots of excellent tips, very clear.

— Daniel C.

Ken S. GraduationSteve did a great job – interesting and very knowledgeable. Excellent week – learned lots – ready to get my own business going.

— Ken S.

Mike M. GraduationVery informative, well discussed and info was explained to understand easily.

— Mike M.

October Testimonials

Sabine B. GraduationReally enjoyed the course, Steve was great!

— Sabine B.

Deborah B. GraduationIt was great to fill in the gaps in what I knew about SEO. Lots of great ideas to implement!

— Deborah B.

Mike B. GraduationExcellent course from beginning to end.

— Mike B.

Scott J. GraduationThe workshop does an excellent job of covering a great deal of information in a clear understandable fashion with rules and resources.

— Scott J.

I like the creative parts and examples of how to use the information such as 
PPC and website ideas.. 

— Carla Wallace

September Testimonials

Dave D. GraduationSteve Scott is an amazing instructor. The course content really blew me away and far exceeded my expectations! I’ve been in the I-Net industry for over 10 years- teaching website design, development and marketing for several of those years so I’m not easily impressed. Steve and this course kept me spell bound.
This is a class I would heartily recommend to my own students. It is great and so is Steve. 

— Dave D.

Franz L. GraduationLiked the detailed review of the PR website allowing us to talk about service or website use. Great!!! 

— Franz L.

Extremely informative. The small class size helps us all get individual attention and detailed help. Absolutely amazing. Every day gets more and more specialized and every day I understood more. Can’t wait to put it all to good use. 

— Scott C.

Tyler W. GraduationThe course was phenomenal. I got a better overall understanding of keywords. The features of Google were extremely helpful. 

— Tyler W.

Alvero J. GraduationWhen I came in I knew only keyword metatag, now I have tons of information to help the company an also tons of ideas to tackle. Thanks Steve, superior training. Great material-light bulbs galore. 

— Alvero J.

Adam M. GraduationGreat presentation of information. Steve makes it easy to understand. Good content, learned a few new things! 

— Adam M.

August Testimonials

Wesley L. GraduationExceeding expectations both days so far. Excited about the next 3 days. Wow! I now see SEO/site marketing in a different light. I can set expectations and know what is an SEO friendly site.

— Wesley L.

Robert F. GraduationSteve is awesome!! Dynamic, knowledgeable, and I am very satisfied with the program.

— Robert F.

Phillip G. GraduationEnjoyed all the good tips on keyword research. The 5-day course was wonderful. It gave me many ideas for my business that I never would have thought of before.

— Phillip G.

Crissia R. GraduationI enjoyed the class very much. As a web designer/developer I find this information not only enlightening and useful but also invaluable. This class has been more useful than I can say. Knowing how to build good SEO into a site from the start will be a real benefit for me in my field.

— Crissia R.

John H. GraduationSteve’s energy and enthusiasm was extremely high throughout the 5 days I was here. He was an excellent instructor throughout!!! I love the energy and passion of the session. Although this is informational intensive subject matter, our class flows smoothly and is easily retained.

— John H.

Mike M. GraduationRight on the spot, especially blog and directory topics. Instruction was thorough, easily understood, relevant, fantastic!!!

— Mike M.

I like the thorough explanations of industry terms and topics that tend to get overlooked or become assumptions by the typical instructor.

— Janet B.

June Testimonials

Diane C. GraduationI am very amazed at how simple but technical it was. Steve is very comfortable to learn from- his technique and confidence is admirable. I will recommend this to everyone I can. I don’t have enough words to describe what I think-I am very happy so far!

— Diane C.

Matt H. GraduationToday’s class was very informative in helping me with the tools I need to re-do my personal websites. The importance of keyword research in the SEO process. Also, the website is helpful to find the best terms in helping with growing your website’s exposure. Optimizing the webpages manually was also good.

— Matt H.

Jeff G. GraduationGood class… the best stuff yet, thank you!!

— Jeff G.

Wes S. GraduationGreat info. If I can’t make money after this, I might as well stop trying!! Very informative-content is becoming more in-depth every day.

— Wes S.

Kailen G. GraduationThe knowledge of the Tampa-SEO trainer was better than anticipated. Excellent trainer! Steve is excellent with his presentation and shows real world proof for his techniques.

— Kailen G.

May Testimonials

Jimmy W. GraduationSteve is a great instructor for those who think they know SEO and those that don’t have a clue. He teaches from a real world perspective and gives you the tools and keys you need to build or properly optimize any site for SEO. I will be back in a couple of years to get the latest techniques.

— Jimmy W.

Georgia B. GraduationCovered all possible things that relate to SEO and other categories such as overall Internet Marketing, Press Releases, and PPC. Well worth the 5 days! A lot of details and knowledge from a reputable and knowledgeable source. One-on-one small class room size and questions were the best.

P.S. Loved the exercises!!

— Georgia B.

Chris D. GraduationAwesome class covering much more than expected. Comprehensive but not overwhelming. Lots of good ideas from instructor.

— Chris D.

Shannon C. GraduationGood organization and interaction with the class. Really good and useful information. Well presented.

— Shannon C.

Real skills for the real world. I now feel equipped to begin approaching my company’s business owners about SEO strategies. I’m sure these techniques will help. Steve’s a great, personable teacher.

— Don D.

Real world example sites as illustrations. Very high value for dollars.

Hank M.

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