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December Testimonials

Michele K. GraduationLight bulb went off for me today on the whole process of web design & seo. I have a better overall understanding of meta tags & placement of keywords. It wil help greatly when I write content.

— Michele K.

Randy H. GraduationSteve did a great job of communicating the SEO strategies that will improve my traffic, and make me more money. Enjoyed examples of how PPC worked and software demonstrations. Practical how to information as opposed to theory. Good class & Good instruction. Enjoyed interaction, advice about my website, and examples of more seo tools.

— Randy H.

Melissa F. GraduationThe information in day 1 has already made my trip over from the UK worthwhile, and I’ve got 4 more days to go! All information has been fantastic and incredibly useful. I came knowing next to nothing and now my head is exploding with tools, techniques, understanding and a ton of ideas to implement. Thank you!

— Melissa F.

Isabelle G. GraduationEnjoyed the way Steve explained everything in a simple form. Very thorough all around. Great information. Everything was covered!

— Isabelle G.

Jorge G. GraduationClass was very interesting and easy to understand. Enjoyed linking info and the creativity sessions. Very informative all around. Everything was very detailed oriented. Enjoyed tips received on exchanging ideas. Easy no nonsense, everything covered!

— Jorge G.

Phillip M. GraduationVery organized process. Good process to follow on keyword placement.

— Phillip M.

September Testimonials

Sebastian L. GraduationExcellent, probably saved me 100 times the cost of the class in trimming the fat on Adword Campaigns. Very in depth knowledge. It’s nice to learn facts from someone not trying to sell me anything.

— Sebastian L.

Dave F. GraduationThe 5 Day Mastery Workshop was exactly what I had been
looking for the past six months. I had read the books on SEO and like most others was suffering from “search-engine tunnel vision”. Now, I have the complete picture. Now I know it’s all about the results obtained through a professional approach to Search Engine Marketing.

— Dave F.

Ryan F. GraduationSteve’s overall knowledge is incredible. I have learned more from the Tampa SEO Training Academy about internet marketing in one week than years of trying to research the material on my own.

— Ryan F.

Bill G. GraduationGreat speaking, the link building tips were very useful. 
I really enjoyed the class.

— Bill G.

July Testimonials

Shannon C. GraduationGreat material and lots of useful resources. I’m looking forward to implementing what I’ve learned.

— Shannon C.

Chet P. GraduationClass is amazingly helpful. I could take it again since there is so much to take in.

— Chet P.

Cindy H. GraduationI thoroughly enjoyed this workshop, Steve is a dynamic instructor.He is very clear and easy to follow even though there is a lot of information to process. I came to this class with basic SEO skills and I feel much more confident in taking on new projects now.

— Cindy H.


Tracy W. GraduationSteve Scott is a SEO genius” and you can quote me on that! Thank you for placing all of my self-research in context and loading my brain with too many answers. I look forward to further communication and keeping in touch.

— Tracy W.

Jared S. GraduationThe Tampa SEO Training Workshop did wonders for my SEO knowledge. I would recommend that any SEO professional attend this workshop. I received a good overview of my current site today. The feedback helped my setup my site much better.

— Jared S.

Lindsey T. GraduationI feel like I have a good base of SEO knowledge now and can actually come up with an SEO plan to apply to my site. Thanks!

— Lindsey T.

Martin P. GraduationThis SEO workshop is completely awesome! All the information is really an eye opener and Steve will keep you begging for more! Very good information on blogging and user generated content. I never thought I was creative until you pointed it out in class and in the exercise.

— Martin P.

June Testimonials

Belle B. GraduationI am so excited to get started with my personal training website and my SEO business. I feel I can do a good job with SEO services.Very clear and organized way of presenting material and info. I appreciate the personalized attention- I feel comfortable asking questions about my business needs.

— Belle B.

Rich T. GraduationExcellent, full of great material, well conducted.

— Rich T.

Sylvia E. GraduationLearned a lot, great!!!

— Sylvia E.

Luke C. GraduationFantastic course, well presented. Worth the 8,000 mile trip from Ireland!!

— Luke C.

The class was excellent. Very informative and challenging, especially the creative writing. The blog stuff is all new to me, lots of opportunities.

— Maurice F.

Mario R. GraduationThe material and info given was an eye-opener. The tips and tricks of the trade are very useful. Gives you a whole new perspective of any pre-conceptions one had.

— Mario R.

Troy L. GraduationFriendly environment, lots of great info. Presented great.

— Troy L.

Calvin J. GraduationTons of info but extremely valuable. Steve did an excellent job explaining how to go about starting an SEO business. He covers a lot of info without stressing you out.

— Calvin J.

April Testimonials

Natasha M. GraduationI like the feedback for my site and assignments that lead me to new ideas. I got useful, practical tips specific to my website that I can benefit from right now.

— Natasha M.

Lynn K. GraduationAll topics were interesting and helpful. I got a good understanding of the benefits of doing the right stuff…over and over again.

— Lynn K.

Amy M. GraduationI am loving the class. Can’t wait to know more. Steve gave me great SEO tips that I know will make a difference in my business RIGHT AWAY!! 

I can’t say enough about Steve as a teacher and SEO Professional and his class.

— Amy M.

Ria B. GraduationI liked how practical it was. With every new category, I tried to mentally apply it to my organization’s site. Now I have a lot to follow up on, but I think it’s very useful. I like the amount of time you spent on user-generated content- it’s giving me some good ideas. I’m looking at our website in a totally different manner. 

I’ve come away from this class with a lot of information to improbe my organization’s website. What I like is that some are quick fixes and some will require research.

— Ria B.

Haris B. GraduationIt was a very informative class with a lot of information. I would definitely recommend it. Over 10 years of experience shows all the knowledge Steve has.

— Haris B.

Lance M. GraduationVery, very good class. Steve really cares about people and their sites. Great info, good flow and teaching.

— Lance M.

Samir B. GraduationI like that you found time to review my website and gave me tips on optimizing the site.The class is loaded with useful information that helped me see the SEO in a new light.

— Samir B.

Josh B. GraduationA great balance of general big picture and relevant, more specific examples with detail.

— Josh B.

I really think that I have learned a lot of applicable tools that have common-sense 
approaches that work.

— Jacque R.

Great information on how to propel my website to the top quickly. Lessons are taught in a way that beginners to web design and SEO can keep up.With what I learned today, I can look for great opportunities to start a website with little competition. A great balance of general big picture and relevant, more specific examples with detail.

— Phillip G.

March Testimonials

Roger C. GraduationI learned a lot about what we are doing wrong, not doing at all, and barely doing right.This course is going to pay real world dividends for us.

— Roger C.

Alan F. GraduationGreat content and very useful in improving my web site. Would love to take the 5 day class. From barely understanding meta tags prior to class I believe I can raise the ranking of my web site dramatically with what I learned in the basic 2 day class.

— Alan F

January Testimonials

It was a great class, very knowledgeable and well explained.

— Israel B.

Jeffrey R. GraduationI thought I knew SEO – until I took the advanced workshop at Tampa SEO Training Academy. I can’t wait to use the tools and strategies I learned to help my clients. I enjoyed learning the “new” SEO – social media, and how to integrate into SEO campaign.

— Jeffrey R.

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