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June Testimonials

Suzanne K. GraduationThe course covers tons of information and does it well. I can’t wait to get home and begin implementing the practices I learned-then see the difference they make. The course was definitely worth the trip from Kansas. The keyword research,site reviews and blog information were very helpful. 

— Suzanne K.

Casey K. GraduationLiked the click-thru tips at the end and the clarity gained about importance levels of various keyword placement. Loved the ad words section, Latent Semantic Indexing was completely new and helpful as well. Like the social media ideas for SEO. I finally understand the relevancy of blog’s to site SEO. Steve’s hands on expertise took this class from good to great!! I’ve been to many, many workshops and conferences over the years, and this was by far the best use of my time and resources. 

— Casey K.

Juliana T. GraduationThe Pay Per Click lesson was an eye opener. I understand it now and will probably use it.The information was very useful. I really enjoyed the class.

— Juliana T.

Joseph H. GraduationI have a great general knowledge of SEO now. 200% more than I knew walking in. Steve, our instructor, has an attention grabbing and authoritative way of teaching us. I left class each day excited to head back to the hotel and do some work.

— Joseph H.

Jeffery O. GraduationGreat teacher, made the material easy to understand. Enjoyed learning about Spam and Pay Per Click.

— Jeffery O.

Ian B. GraduationIt was a lot of information for a first class. Nice and fast. It helped with some ideas to fix my own website.

— Ian B.

May Testimonials

Bonnie L. GraduationI liked everything, especially seeing live examples from your clients website’s. It was an excellent course that really gives you the insider secrets to getting your site ranked.

– Bonnie L.

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Venu K. GraduationI enjoyed the sessions on keyword research, keyword placements per page, and the site technical issues the most.

— Venu K.

Chris GraduationVery good tool information. 

– Chris

Henry W. GraduationLearned a lot!  Great!  Very helpful!

— Henry W.

Julie R. GraduationIt was basic as well as advanced & no question was too stupid. All the tools were great, as I had no clue where to start. He brought a ton of info down to my level. Thank you so much. Great teacher; easy to understand, funny & non judgmental!

— Julie R.

Henry W. GraduationExcellent teaching, not just tactics, but also strategy. The theory and understanding of “why” was great.

— Alex I.

April Testimonials

Andrew S. GraduationLots of valuable information. I like the creativity section and demo of web position tool.

— Andrew S.

Randy Marcus- Enjoyed social networking and how it was incorporated into SEO. Steve’s thorough knowledge of SEO is evident in his ability to explain the material at any level.

— Randy M.

March Testimonials

Alex F. GraduationGreat information on Wordtracker and content. Great tips on tools to use and facilitate.

– Alex F.

Michele K. GraduationI just set up a blog on my site yesterday. I know now the importance of RSS feeds, track backs and blog search engines, which I did not know before.

— Michele K.

Ricardo R. GraduationGreat training. This is going to improve my sales strategy and set customer expectations realistically. Things make more sense to me now.ery good tool information.

– Ricardo R.

Mark R. GraduationThe foundation everyone needs to dispel how good SEO is done. It was all good but Wordtracker was great.

— Mark R.

Shawn R. GraduationEnjoyed Wordtracker and Vilesilencer.

— Shawn R.

February Testimonials

Mark S. GraduationGreat coverage of how to optimize site to rank for today and the future. Excellent presentation of topics and sufficient workshop time to apply concepts to website. Good job covering link building tactics.

— Mark S.

Phil M. GraduationThe class was great. One of the best investments I have made professionally. I have already used several of the strategies from class to move my client to the first page on Google.

— Phil M.

Kathy C. GraduationAwesome class, Steve is a great teacher. Good advice on useful website’s and products to use, also link building ideas. I also enjoyed the ability to be able to ask questions throughout the day.

— Kathy C.

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