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Backlink Removal Service

Analyze and Research Links

We use a variety of sources to locate and gather all the links to your website so we don’t overlook any potential toxic link.

Classify & Manual Examination

Every suspicious and unnatural link is manually reviewed to determine the severity of the link and domain.

Request Removals and Disavow

We politely request for administrators to remove links and update your site’s Disavow file. We monitor the success of these requests and report back.
Toxic Link Profile

Has Your Website Been Affected By The Following:

  • Severe reduction in rankings?
  • Potentially attacked by negative SEO?
  • Abusive keyword anchor texts in backlinks?
  • Penalized by antiquated link building techniques?

Our backlink removal service discovers what exactly in your link profile is keeping your website and business from being successful in search results.

Link Removal Service

Tampa SEO’s backlink removal service analyzes your website’s entire link profile and uses both automated tools and human brain power to locate all the problematic links and request removals and submit disavow files. Our link removal service is designed for websites that have acquired a link profile that has been detrimental to their website rankings.

Whether you have a manual penalty or are looking to correct your link profile, our service can help you find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Backlink Removals
Inbound Link Reconsideration Request

Reconsideration Request and Penalty Recovery

If you’ve been handed a manual penalty for an unnatural backlink profile, our service will write and submit your reconsideration request for you. The reconsideration request process can be daunting, but Tampa SEO’s experience has helped businesses just like yours recover from manual penalties with reconsideration requests that work. This backlink removal service will get you back in Google’s good graces.

Backlink Removal Service Pricing

Backlink Removal Service Frequently Asked Questions

How Did I Get So Many Backlinks?
There are many reasons why this has occurred.

• An SEO firm you hired previously added these links when link building was much less sophisticated.

• You’ve been attacked by a competitor

• Your site was submitted by software

• Bots scrapped your content and published it on low-quality websites

What Do You Do When An Administrator Requests Money To Remove Links?
We don’t pay. It’s that simple.

The reason why we do not pay for links to be removed is that majority of these low quality link directories reside within a network that includes the same links and content. These sites are duplicating at an extraordinary pace. By paying to remove links on one, you are legitimizing this type of service, giving administrators a reason to continue to exist, and potentially duplicate their networks.

Instead, we simple disavow these domains and report these sites to their web host (if they are violating terms of service) or to Google (if they are violating Google’s Webmaster Guidelines).

What Is Your Success Rate in Getting Links Removed?
We are able to successfully remove a significant amount of links, as stated in our previous question, we do not pay for links to be removed. We rely on the good faith of website administrators to honor our requests.
Why Are Manual Penalties and Reconsideration Requests Extra?
In order to ensure that your website’s manual penalty is lifted in a reasonable amount of time, we spend a considerable amount of time to write and revise reconsideration requests.
What Is Your Refund Policy?
We do not offer any refunds on our service as it is a pre-paid service that requires an intense amount of time and effort to discover links, find offending links, disavow them, and then request removals.
Why Should I Continue with On-Going Backlink Removals?
If your link profile contains hundreds or several thousand links or domains, or is constantly obtaining links from a variety of sources, the on-going link removal program helps you stay on-top of your link profile each month.

Let's Get Your Link Profile Cleaned Up

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