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Benefits of Attending a Search Engine Workshop Annually!

“Why is it an excellent idea to attend a SEO Training Course on a yearly basis?”

 With the workshops now divided up according to experience level, beginning students will want to move up to the Advanced workshop, and Advanced students will want to come back on a yearly basis to catch up on what’s happening in the industry since the last time they attended a workshop.

 Highly advanced students will want to take their learning to the highest possible level by attending at least one Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium a year.

 We’re constantly updating the workshop material itself as the industry shifts and changes. There will always be certain “standard” sessions at the workshops, but the techniques involved in those strategies are constantly evolving, and you’ll learn about those changes by attending the workshops on a regular basis.

 If you attend the first workshop as a true beginner, you may be able to absorb only so much. When you come back again, you’ll be ready to tackle the more advanced strategies that you’ll want to use in your SEO work.

 Every workshop is different, with different people from different walks of life. We all learn from each other. Plus, attending the workshops regularly will help you come in contact with people who are interested in the same things that you are: success on the Web, and you’ll be able to learn from the experiences of others..

 Depending on the dates of the workshop, you may have the opportunity of meeting other highly visible and important individuals in the search engine industry. Attend our workshops in Tampa and you may get to meet John Alexander, Michael Marshall, & perhaps even Robin Nobels.

 Don’t forget that returning students can attend the workshops at one half the price of the workshop throughout the current and the next year! (Note: this discount doesn’t apply to the Ultra Advanced SEO Symposium.)

 Check out our impressive Start-Up Tools Arsenal. Just ONE of those offerings is being able to attend one of Danny Sullivan’s Search Engine Strategies Conferences at a discounted price!

 Also, remember that the workshops and all travel expenses are 100% tax deductible as a business expense, which will certainly help you at tax time!

 And, let’s face it — Search Engine Workshops are FUN! Because attendance is kept down, you get to know each of your fellow students and they become your friends. You laugh with them, then cry with them, as you each share search engine stories. They become your SEO family, and you can keep up with them by participating in the World Resource Center after the workshop.

 Join us at least once a year to keep up with what’s happening in the industry and to get to know another group of search engine friends.

Register now to attend a Search Engine Workshop at the Tampa Search Engine Optimization Training Academy. . . the premiere onsite search engine marketing workshops in the world!

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