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Is eCommerce Taking Over the Internet?

If you’ve gone to the mall lately, you’ve probably noticed most of the big-name stores wiping their shelves clean, having massive sales, and preparing to close their doors for bankruptcy. Technology continues to develop and improve making almost everything accessible...

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Do Analytics Rule SEO?

If you’ve had the chance to read through any of our recent articles, you’ve probably gathered that analytics are a big deal for optimization. In fact, some may even say that analytics rule SEO, and it is the key to a successful SEO strategy. Analytics can be thought...

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Analytics: Filters and Segments

Take a minute to consider how difficult optimization would be if we didn’t have tools to receive analytics. Knowing how to use results from analytics to your advantage can be crucial. But first, you have to learn about the different techniques that are available to...

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Social Media Marketing Made Easy!

It doesn’t matter whether you are a brand new company or a big business. Regardless of size, social media marketing is always a great way to gain brand recognition. You may think social media should be used specifically for personal interactions. However there are...

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Start Marketing on Social Media!

The number of active users on social media continues to grow. Think of yourself as a fisherman. The fish are social media users. If you throw your bait into the water (posts about your products), fish will start biting (sales!). Your customers, or target audience, are...

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Reducing Redirects to Improve Site Speed

Reducing redirects is essential to your search engine optimization strategy. Not many users are willing to wait through a long load time, myself included. Let’s be real, when we want information, we want it at our pace....we want it yesterday. So what are redirects,...

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5 Ways to Improve Site Speed

While the future is unpredictable, we can almost guarantee that website speed will always matter. Site monitoring should be one of your top priorities. When your site speed is doing well, so are your rankings on search engines. If you prioritize this, you will improve...

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Testing the Speed of Your Website

As mentioned in our previous article, there are several factors that come into play to ensure your website is operating efficiently. Testing the speed of your website is one of those factors. Also, it is important to gain a basic understanding of site speed and the...

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