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Why Web Designers are like Interior Decorators

I often say to students, clients, and prospects that a web designer is a lot like an interior decorator. The interior decorator will make your home look great and help you pick out beautiful furniture, create a color palette to paint your walls, and select all the...

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Apple’s iPhone vs. the Samsung Omnia

With my T-Mobile contract up on my 2 year old Wing and the "ok" button hanging by some silicone threads, the time for a new phone is at hand. Time to start hunting for the latest smart phones, checking out new data plans, carriers, rates, coverage, etc! I liked my...

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Build Relationships for SEO Success

No matter what industry you're in, build relationships.I'm referring to real, honest, long standing relationships built on a foundation of trust. Surround yourself with the very best in your industry.No one can be the "best" at everything. No one can know everything....

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K.I.S.S. – Keep your website simple for the search engines.

The search engines love simplicity, so give it to them.Two ways you can do this is by using CSS (cascading style sheets) or by creating a simplified version of your site with out all the bells and whistles.CSS is a great way to get rid of unwanted code bloat. Code...

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Increase your rankings with link building

Your Expanded SEO tip for today.Get creative with your link building strategies. If you have a travel site, what about creating a special area where your clients can post stories, coloring sheets, and pictures of their recenttrip? Don't you imagine your clients would...

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