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Why Web Designers are like Interior Decorators

I often say to students, clients, and prospects that a web designer is a lot like an interior decorator. The interior decorator will make your home look great and help you pick out beautiful furniture, create a color palette to paint your walls, and select all the...

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Apple’s iPhone vs. the Samsung Omnia

With my T-Mobile contract up on my 2 year old Wing and the "ok" button hanging by some silicone threads, the time for a new phone is at hand. Time to start hunting for the latest smart phones, checking out new data plans, carriers, rates, coverage, etc! I liked my...

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Build Relationships for SEO Success

No matter what industry you're in, build relationships.I'm referring to real, honest, long standing relationships built on a foundation of trust. Surround yourself with the very best in your industry.No one can be the "best" at everything. No one can know everything....

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