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Creating Effective “Calls to Actions” for your web pages

For effective search engine marketing, you need more than just top rankings. It's not going to matter where you rank if you are not converting sales, so remember to include strong calls to action to compel a response from the reader. But also remember that people...

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Internal Linking Strategies for your website?

Are you using link text that contains your keyword phrase on each page of your website? In other words, if your Web page is optimized for "Natrual Detoxing Body Wraps" are you using Natural Detoxing Body Wraps as link text somewhere on the page? What could you be...

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Stuffed with Spam… Some Keyword No No’s

Spam refers to any strategy that is designed to "cheat" the search engines into giving you a higher ranking than your page deserves. Many websites employ spammy techniques without realizing they are doing it.For instance, look closely at the "Head" section of your Web...

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Keyword Rich Spider Food… What are you feeding your spiders?

Without following every single link on your site, how can you be sure that your pages are simply not found by the search engines? It's a good idea to include a link to your sitemap on each new high performance page you create.  A great place for a site map is in the...

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Writing Good SEO Friendly Content… Are you doing it?

Are you working on some new Web content for the search engines thisweek? Here are 3 elements to keep in mind:1. Create content that is original and genuinely useful to yourvisitors. Content is King so if your not a good writer your best best is to invest into a copy...

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Link Popularity and Link Reputation Creation Tips?

The need for a strong link building program is critical to the organic success of your web site within the top search engines. As a measure of your sites importance on the web and to help determine how relevant your site is to the words or phrases entered by a...

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Optimizing for Google Local! Does Your Business Show Up

Search Engine News came out with their monthly report of the latest SEO news. I found one topic of particular interest so I thought I would share it with you... Google Local!A lot of us don’t think about Google Local being something that we have control over. I talk...

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I only like Name Brands

Have you ever Googled your name? I am heavily into the social media sites these days and have several accounts for our company. One of the reasons for having social media accounts are to set up a way to brand your company and to create company awareness. Social sites...

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Guess What?

"I think my customers are typing _______ into Google to find me." If the answer to this question was the deciding factor for the keywords you chose than you may want to start over. Keyword research is the first and most important thing when starting any online...

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URGENT! READ THIS RIGHT NOW!   Often we catch our reader’s attention with catchy titles and headlines. We want to reel them into our content, hoping they like what we have to offer and then buy something. Then we leave them hanging because we didn't keep their...

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Can I afford to be CHEAP about my Internet Marketing?

So..., what do you think? Can you really afford to be cheap about your website or your Internet Marketing budget? If you are a small business owner thinking of investing in your website, then this is a question that I'm sure has crossed your mind. Many times, I tell...

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