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Happy Students at the Tampa SEO Training Academy

There's nothing I like better then to hear from past participants of our SEO Training Courses. I thought I'd share a few recent thoughts here:"In this era of ever-changing search engine dynamics, the detailed, up-to-the-minute information that the Tampa SEO Training...

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Plaxo Pulse is my new favorite toy!

I recently signed up with Plaxo and it's new Pulse Social Networking tool. While I'm still new with Plaxo and Pulse I've am investigating it's potential. There are a few things I really like about Pulse so far. First, it allows you to synchronize all your email boxes...

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Is Big business going to be able to keep up?

I read the latest post Seth Godin wrote entitled "How much for digital". This whole concept poses a fairly new question for big business. How will these million and billion dollar companies make a smooth transition to an online market, if they haven't already? If...

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SEO Training for the new & experienced

The Tampa SEO Training Academy is growing by leaps and bounds and expects to double in the next year. The Training Academy offers hands on SEO certification courses every six weeks. These classes are broken down in to a 2 day basic, 3 day advanced and 5 day mastery...

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