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SEO Mentoring Program

Search Engine Optimization Mentoring for Your Business

SEO Mentoring ProgramTampa SEO offers a full array of SEO Mentoring services for any size business. From hourly consulting rates to 5 and 10 hour blocks of time that can be used at your convenience, our search engine optimization mentoring programs allow any sized company to get the expert advice they need at a fair and reasonable price.

Through the use of email, telephone, and screen-sharing sessions we can quickly and efficiently provide you with the SEO mentoring you need!

We also have an ongoing SEO Coaching program that you may find useful. The details can be found by clicking here:

SEO Mentoring Program for Students

As an extra bonus to students, our SEO mentoring services are provided to all students free of charge for six months after finishing any one of our SEO training classes. Here are the details on that mentoring:

The 6-month search engine optimization mentoring program is deliverable to each student only AFTER they have successfully completed a workshop. You do not need to successfully passed the certification exam to receive the SEO mentoring.

Mentoring is limited to one hour per month for a total of six hours (although various exceptions are permitted).

With prior approval from the instructor, students may use more than one hour per month or, if they choose, space the hours out over a six-month period. All mentoring hours must be scheduled ahead of time based on a mutually convenient time and includes time spent on phone calls, e-mails related to the mentoring, running reports, visiting Web sites, etc. We will track the number of hours used and let students know if/when they’ve reached the six hour total.

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