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Choosing a Domain Name

Choosing a Domain Name

Building a website will have a number of steps, but one of the most important will be choosing a domain name.  Choosing the right domain name helps people understand what you do, and can even boost your SEO.  Since getting your website noticed is a top priority, these tips will prove to be very valuable when choosing your domain.

Getting Your Website Noticed with the Right Domain Name

Exact Match Domains

Exact Match Domains, or EMDs, are domains which include the key phrase in the actual domain name.  In the past, this was a great SEO tactic and could result in boosted ratings.  Since search engine companies started to catch on to this, however, the EMD is no longer the best method for search engine optimization.  However, depending on the ranking of the keywords being used, using a keyword in your domain can still be beneficial.  Make sure to check with your SEO expert before choosing a keyword domain.

Using Your Brand Name

A highly recommended practice is to use your brand name in your domain.  Consider the importance of a consistent brand when it comes to marketing.  Your domain name will be the cornerstone of your online brand, and will represent your home (your website).  People will associate it with your business, and use it to search for you.  Having your brand name in your domain will also be a major factor in your business ranking.  This is because it is known as a brand signal.

Brand signals are signs that your business is legitimate, based on the building of your brand.  The more legitimate your business appears to be, the better it will rank on search engines.  Examples of brand signals include a physical business address, verified contact information, and traffic from multiple sources.  Having your brand name in your domain helps indicate that you have a strong brand associated with your business.


The extension for your domain is the end of the domain.  The “.com” or “.net” is an extension. The most common domain extension is “.com”.  You may be tempted to choose a different extension.  We recommend that you stick with “.com”.  However, if you must choose a different extension, be sure to specifically avoid extensions that are typically associated with spam sites, such as .biz.

The right domain name can have a significant impact on how people see your business.  It can also help you move up the rankings on search engine sites so you can be sure you’re getting your website noticed.  In order to be sure that your website is meeting all SEO standards, contact Tampa SEO for your consulting needs.  


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