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Free SEO and Internet Marketing Seminar Coming Up

The Tampa SEO Training Academy has announced the first of a new series of FREE Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization presentations entitled “Marketing Your Business on the Web: The Importance of Search Engine Optimization to your Online Success”. The sessions are being presented by experienced SEO educator and industry veteran Steve Scott, owner of the Tampa SEO Training Academy.

Steve, who has been optimizing web sites for over 10 years now recently stated, “Too many people have no-clue what Internet Marketing or Search Engine Optimization really is let alone how to do it effectively. These free programs will give participants a much better understanding of who is really searching online and an overview of how to create or adapt any web site to capture the potential of all that search engine traffic.”

The idea for the free sessions dawned on Scott while he was reviewing the outlines for the 2, 3, & 5 Day Certification courses his SEO Training Academy provides. “We needed a way to open people’s minds to the potential and the possibilities that Internet Marketing and SEO offers. Many business owners have no idea of the power that SEO can have to their online success.”

The seminar covers:
· Who is on the web now?
· Exploring Search Engine Usage, shopping influences and functionality
· Keyword forensics and research
· Company/Domain name selection
· Picking the right web host
· Designing and redesigning your site
· What can help or hurt you in the search engines
· Off-site optimization and on-site optimization
· Quality link building
· Proper pay per-click set up
· Tracking and maintaining your web site

So far, offering the free SEO seminar is working out pretty well from both a marketing and educational stand point.

We currently work with the local art and design colleges like the International Academy of Design and Technology and The Art Institute. They are happy to provide rooms for us to hold the seminars in and we are happy to have students hearing about SEO, sometimes, for the first time. In addition, we offer a discount to all students who take the full 40 hour course.

I recently graduated from IADT and I thought it was a great school. I majored in graphic and web design with a focus in animation. When I got the job with Starship Computer Services I hardly even knew what SEO was. After I took the course however, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of internet marketing. I not only learned how to implement SEO using white hat techniques, I learned what not to do too. If you aren’t doing it right you can really hurt yourself and your business in the search engines.

Owner Steve Scott feels it is extremely important to think about optimization for your site even before designing it. “Hiring a web designer before thinking about SEO is a lot like hiring an interior decorator for your new home before talking to a contractor or an architect. Sure your place will look fantastic but, if it all comes crumbling down around you because of a poor foundation or weak design it won’t really matter how nice it looked, right? Many web designers have limited or no knowledge of what makes a web site ‘search engine friendly’ and can often destroy your sites chances of ever being found on the search engines without even realizing it. Others think they know it but are misinformed.”

You should check out www.tampa-seo.com for more information about the Academy’s SEO training courses or to sign up for their Free SEO Tip of the Day.

You could also call us at (877) 736-7361. Ask for Nikki or Steve, we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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