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Happy Students at the Tampa SEO Training Academy

There’s nothing I like better then to hear from past participants of our SEO Training Courses. I thought I’d share a few recent thoughts here:

“In this era of ever-changing search engine dynamics, the detailed, up-to-the-minute information that the Tampa SEO Training Academy offers is absolutely indispensable!”
— Michael Malizola

Thanks Mike… so glad you enjoyed it.

Here’s another.

Hey, Steve,

I don’t know if you remember me or not – I took your class at the end of March – beginning of April 2007. I was working for abccompany.com at that time, and they just wouldn’t listen to my recommendations, so I left.

Best thing I ever did.

Anyway, I thought you might like to see this – I applied what I learned in your class, and after living in Cincinnati for 3-1/2 months, I am #1 out of 10,100,000 on
Yahoo for “UI SEO“: and #1 of 563,000 on Google for “UI SEO“:

It translated into $30K more a year for me.

So, Thanks Steve!

— Donald Demrow

Boy Don, I wish I’d gotten as good a return on investment on all the classes I’ve taken over the years as you appear to have received in mine. Congratulations on your success now in and the future. Keep up the great work!!!

Finally, here’s another one from Alvaro,

“When I came in I knew only keyword metatag. Now I have tons of information to help the company an also tons of ideas to tackle. Thanks Steve, superior training! Great material. Light bulbs galore.
— Alvero J.

It’s so nice to know that our SEO Training workshops

are making a difference in peoples lives. Professional SEO training will open exciting new doors for you too, but don’t just take our word for it, read what our students have to say!

Talk to you soon.


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