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What Your Profile Picture Says About Your Business

What Your Profile Picture Says About Your Business

In order to have a successful social media page, your profile picture needs to get a clear picture of who you are.   You want to say the right things about yourself and your business.   Here’s what our SEO agency in Tampa says about your profile picture.

Recommendations for your Profile Picture from our SEO Agency in Tampa

It is a very rare occasion where having a picture of yourself is not the ideal profile picture. Your profile picture should be of you, not of your accomplishments.   People believe in your business and in your brand when you use personal branding.  They want to know you, and feel a personal connection before hiring you.  That is why they are on your social media page.

Think of your social media page as a room that you own.  When someone walks in, you aren’t going to  hide in the next room and leave your product there for them to see.   You aren’t going to bombard them with what you do right away. Instead, you are going to welcome them personally.

Professional head shots are a great idea for social media profile pictures. They look clean, attractive, and friendly, and they only feature you.  You can use a subtle logo to brand your picture if you want to incorporate your business.  You can also opt to take a picture in action. Have pictures taken of you doing your job, to associate yourself with your brand.  Just make sure that you are the main focus of the photo and that people can see your face.

You may think that the best way to show people how awesome you are is to take a picture with the people you love. Your pets, your family, or your friends have no place in your profile picture.

As a professional, people need to immediately recognize you. If they don’t know which person you are, that can be tough. You want the main focus to be on you and you want people to remember your face.  So, as cute as your new kitten is, don’t let her steal your spotlight.  

Group photos, or photos that show you in your everyday life make great cover photos.   This way people feel like they know you as soon as they open your profile,  but when you are commenting or they are sharing your post they see your face and your face alone.
Our SEO agency in Tampa can help you  make the most out of your social media. We have a variety of tools that we use to boost your SEO, and we can’t wait to share them with you.


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