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The Importance of Link Quality, Authority, and Relevance

The Importance of Link Quality, Authority, and Relevance

In order to achieve the desired results when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), you need to develop a link building structure. Link building is when you get sites with more authority to link to your website, thereby increasing the authority of your own site. This is a huge factor in moving up the rankings when it comes to search engine results.  Any SEO expert will tell you, links are essential to SEO, and the quality of your links is just as crucial.

Quality: Why Quality Links are Vital for Search Engine Optimization

Search engines look for three basic factors when assessing link structure. These are quality, authority, and relevance. Think of link relationships as referrals to your site.  

Let’s say you are looking for a surgeon for your child, and you’re asking for recommendations. The first person to give you a recommendation is an everyday person who has never had surgery, or known someone who has had surgery. They recommend Dr. Jones. You take note of the recommendation, but you may not follow through. Now, if several individuals who have never had surgery recommend this same doctor, you may wonder why they are all pointing his way. You start to look for more quality and authoritative recommendations from someone who may be a nurse, or someone who may work with a surgeon but is not themselves a surgeon. If they also recommend Dr. Jones, you start to feel more confident in the referred physician. If they do not, you begin to become skeptical at the original recommendation and wonder if Dr. Jones has some kind of arrangement going on with the people who recommended him! However, if a doctor or other surgeon recommends Dr. Jones, you seek out Dr. Jones above all other options.  

You only need one high quality recommendation from the surgeon or doctor to take them at their word. You may need several recommendations from other sources to be convinced to pursue Dr. Jones. Such is the case with your website. The higher quality the link that “recommends” you, the more people will listen and the less convincing they’ll need.


Authority and trustworthiness are crucial when it comes to links. Links from sites that are considered to be authoritative will pass that authority on to your site, therefore boosting your rating within Google’s algorithm. There are plenty of tools you can use to measure link authority, including Moz, which is a popular option. You also want to use your judgment.  Sites that are covered with Spam or look suspicious may not be considered the best authority sites.


Relevance is one of the most important factors when link building. Chances are, you can determine pretty easily whether this will be achieved. Why would “X” site link to your site?  If you can answer that question easily and honestly, you are probably safe. If you are a construction site and you are looking to have a link on a real estate site, that’s probably a good level of relevance. However, if a movie streaming site offers to put your link up, you may want to think twice.

This is just a brief overview of why link quality, authority and relevance are important. Where do your links lead? Let us know in the comments below!


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