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SEO Industry Predictions for 2017

SEO Industry Predictions for 2017

SEO is an ever-changing industry that is constantly evolving, and we make it a point to have the latest news in the SEO industry. Knowing what’s to come can help you advance in your SEO training.  Here are our predictions and confirmed expectations for 2017.

SEO Training Academy Reveals Predictions for 2017


Accelerated mobile pages allow web designers to create pages that have almost instant loading on mobile devices. This is accomplished by making a minimal amount of simple structural changes in the site. The results are that the site loads faster with less data. Our, and many in the industry’s, prediction for 2017 is that we’ll see a rise in favoritism for AMPs and search results. This is based on the fact that Google is already starting to favor sites that have switched to AMP’s.  Since mobile is already so important in ranking, we think this is going to add a new favorite for Google.

Voice Search

Voice search is becoming the preferred method for avid search engine users. We predict that this will have some major impact on SEO. It may also produce some competition in popular search engines, a market that Google has basically dominated in recent years. Bing, always at Google’s heels, may be the biggest competitor in this area.

Personal digital assistants will also play a big role in changing the way we search for things.  Digital assistants like Cortana and Siri are being used for searching by consumers more and more.  

Local Search

With people using mobile devices for searching, the frequency of the last-minute search has risen.  Because of this, we predict a stronger emphasis than ever on the importance of local searches. Local search engine optimization will be more vital for your business than ever before. People will use their mobile search devices to look for things to do right away and for what they need locally, whether in their own area or an area they are visiting.

Dense Content

For a long time, lengthy content has been a must for SEO performance. Then, search engines started seeking quality over quantity.  In the future, we predict that search engines will begin to value dense content that provides quality information using less space and wording.  

User Experience

User experience is important to SEO, but in 2017 we predict it will become essential.  Mobile experience is going to be a big factor, and quick loading and enjoyment of the experience will be important factors as well.  
We know not all these predictions will come true- at least not right away- but we hope you’ll prepare yourself for the inevitable changes by keeping up on your seo training! What’s your prediction for 2017?



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