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5 Things You Can Learn From Analytics and Conversions

After reading our past few articles (if you haven’t, you may want to backtrack and take a look!), you’ve probably gathered the basics of this topic. The benefits are quite literally never-ending when it comes to success in analytics and conversions. You may be asking, Why start tracking? What does it show me?

5 Things You Can Learn From Analytics and Conversions

When it comes to SEO, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is expand your outreach efforts. But how do you know if those efforts are paying off? The answer – you have to start using analytics and conversions to show you how to move forward. Naturally, this is easier to do when you know what you need to look for!

  1. Audience Demographics: Once you start using a tool to track your analytics and conversions, one of the biggest things you’ll notice is the amount of audience demographics you’re receiving. Age, sex, location, etc. This is all useful if you want to try targeting a certain audience. If you have a very specific product or service, this will definitely come in handy!
  2. Audience Behavior: Just like with knowing who your audience is, it is just as helpful to know their behavior. Are they buying things? Do they look at more than one page on your website? Have they filled out any forms on your website? Once you see where your audience is ending up, you can start to determine where to put extra effort in. If users continue to end up on your blogs, spend extra time making your blogs rock!
  3. Point of Sale Info: A POS (Point of Sale) essentially tells you what led to the final purchase of a product or service. When you use analytics and conversion tracking, you’ll be able to tell what brought your customer to the POS. Whether it came from a link on your social media platforms, or directly from a newsletter blast, you can use it to your advantage. Even if you notice you’re not getting many sales from one place in particular, you can try to strategize a bit better on that outlet.
  4. Keyword Success and Keyword Targeting: A lot of stuff happens in the background with keyword research. However, certain Google tools can show you how well your chosen keywords are doing. Organically (using Google Search Console), or paid (using Google Ads), you have an opportunity to learn more about how to better your keyword strategy. Although, let’s be real – optimization is an ongoing process, and ranking factors change often. So you should almost always be doing more.
  5. Traffic Info: Using only one platform to market your company pretty much guarantees that any traffic is coming from that one spot. However, adding social media, blogging, newsletters, etc., you’ll be able to double, or triple (or even more), your traffic. Analytics will tell you which outlet you’re getting the most traffic from. Therefore giving you a chance to pour more or less into that specific area.  Google also likes to see you bringing in traffic to your site from a diverse set of sources. Never focus on any one source of traffic as it could bite you in the ass later on if Google changes policies. We saw this a lot back when Google Panda and then Google Penguin were introduced.

While these five areas could be arguably the most important aspects of analytics, there are many other things you should keep an eye on to incrementally improve your site over time.

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What are your favorite things to review regarding Analytics and Conversions? Leave a comment below to get into the conversation.

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