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Acclimating to Voice Search Technology

Acclimating to Voice Search Technology

Did you know that over 60 million people use digital assistants to conduct voice searches? In the never-ending world of developing technology, you do your best to keep up with the newest developments. One of those developments is voice search technology. The amount of people conducting voice searches through their mobile devices continues to increase.

Benefits of Voice Search Technology

Often times, people who are just getting the hang of search engine optimization, don’t quite know what to expect. One of the biggest things to keep an eye on, is what is trending. If you see something on the uprise, it is crucial to get in on the action. In the end, you will only gain the benefits.

Keeping up with voice search technology has several benefits, including:

  • When you embrace voice search technology, you may become more likely to sell your product. People who use voice search technology tend to be more ready to purchase a product, than those using a desktop.
  • Typically, when using a voice search device, such as Alexa or Siri, you will receive the best-suited answer from a high ranked website. Meaning competition for the top spot is heavy. However, once you get that top spot, you’re more likely to stay there!
  • Access to vital information becomes much easier! Voice search technology makes it much simpler and quicker to give a customer information about your product or services.
  • It’s important to know, we often talk differently than we type. So naturally, voice search technology could help to improve your search engine optimization by implementing more long-tail keywords.


Strategizing with Voice Search Technology

You know the benefits, but now it’s time to put it into action! What’s your next move? Look for new keywords to implement? Fight a little harder for top spots? Implement paid ads? Plan ahead?

Well, yes. To all of the above! Those things work wonderfully together to make your voice search technology strategy a little more effective.

The long-tail keywords you choose will be crucial in determining your success. Try directing them more towards local searches! Remember, people using voice search technology are typically on-the-go and ready to purchase a product.

Staying on top is a bit more difficult when it comes to voice search technology. So keeping up with your search engine ranking is very important. Earning a higher rank on search engines may be a little more challenging. Be sure to stay on top of your SEO game.

Paid advertisements will go a long way. They will give you the initial recognition to begin ranking higher. When you begin ranking up, you will get more authority. More authority means higher ranks. Getting a higher rank means developing more traffic and voice search recognition.


We know that a lot of information goes into creating a good voice search technology strategy. Focus on what the consumer is looking for, and try to plan ahead with new trends. Are there any tools you use to help you out? Have you seen any new successes in voice search technology? If so, we want to know about your strategies!


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