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Comparison Shopping Sites for SEO Success!

Let’s be honest, customers want to be sure they are getting best deal out there. You want to give them the best, but still want to stay competitive. In that case, it’s smart for you to start looking a little more into the products you are offering. For those of us new to operating an eCommerce site, it’s easy to get lost in all the elements that go into it. To help make the transition easier, it may be smart to start using some comparison shopping sites. A comparison shopping site is essentially a tool used to compare merchandise prices across different companies.  

The Top Comparison Shopping Sites

Comparison shopping sites have become huge in the midst of this mobile-first favoring world. Everyone is not only searching for things on their phones, but also making more and more purchases through them. It’s important to know that ease-of-use is big with these platforms. So when you want to start comparing, check out these tools!


As one of the biggest comparison shopping sites, PriceGrabber is on the rise, becoming more popular. Here’s the cool part! Not only does PriceGrabber keep you competitive with other retailers, it also gives you a market report, shows you trends, etc. Also, if you list your product on PriceGrabber, your products will automatically be listed on Yahoo Shopping!


Like PriceGrabber, ShopZilla will give you information on trends, too! For retailers and advertisers, or content creators and influencers, ShopZilla knows how to get the job done. P.S. – Shopzilla even shows you some really great deals!


Coming in as one of the older sites, Nextag made its debut in 1999! Nextag currently has millions of visitors coming in per month! Traffic, conversions, CPC, product listings, event tickets, and even real estate are available with this awesome tool.

Google Shopping

As a general rule of thumb, it is smart to use tools that come straight from search engines themselves. Particularly if you’re looking to improve your rank! As of right now, Google Shopping is probably one of the biggest and most well-known comparison shopping sites available! Not to mention, it works directly with Google AdWords!

Bing Shopping

Unlike Nextag, Bing made a much later debut in the comparison shopping game. Bing Shopping has a little less to do with comparison shopping, and a little more to do with shopping campaigns. It is essentially product advertising for shopping campaigns. Which could be incredibly useful, so don’t knock Bing quite yet!


When it comes to the above shopping comparison sites, BizRate offers a unique opportunity for retailers in the eCommerce world. Customers actively using BizRate can actually set alerts to be notified about pricing on certain products. Which, by the way, the retailer gets notified on if it’s one of the products you’re currently selling! Better chance to stay competitive if you know customers are looking for it!

Comparison Shopping Sites and You

At Tampa SEO Training Academy, we are always looking for the latest, and most-used tools and information. Which is why we rely on our awesome users to give their opinions! We want to know what comparison shopping sites you’ve been using to find success online! Leave us a comment and let us know what you’ve found to be the most helpful!


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