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How to Make Your eCommerce Site Stick Out!

Congratulations on starting the process of business success! For those of us who haven’t quite started, creating an eCommerce website is the first step. (P.S. – there is more information on eCommerce in our past blogs!) Once you’ve got your website published, it’s time to figure out how to make your eCommerce site stick out!


How to Make Your eCommerce Site Stick Out

Optimizing on search engines should be one of the first things to come to mind when deciding on a marketing plan for your online business. Figuring out how to make your eCommerce site stick out can be a very intimidating task. However, there are some key focuses for you to implement, to ensure your success.

Optimize Titles (H1’s/H2’s)

What are H1/H2 titles? They are basically your header tags. The H1 title, or the first title on your page, will contain your targeted keywords. Your H2 titles will be your subheadings, containing closely similar keywords. Optimizing titles is just another way to fit awesome keyword phrases in to help you get noticed!

Create Product Blogs

Product blogs can sometimes be a little more difficult to write. However, written in a professional, clear, concise informational format, these can be your money makers. This not only gives Google another page to crawl for you, but also provides customers with plenty of answers! Also, don’t forget, product blogs are basically your biggest social media hit!

Optimize URLs

A simple URL can contain much more information than you perhaps originally thought. Not only are they a direct link to your page, but also hold tons of information about the page, content, and even target!

Develop Good Link Building Strategies

Link building is a bit tricky sometimes. When you’re worrying about who is linking to your page, avoiding spam pages, and ensuring your outbound links are operating smoothly, it may be time to get help from some awesome link building tools! If you don’t find success in those, try hiring a link building professional!

Use Comparison Shopping Sites

Consumers are always going to look for the best deals, and best quality products available. Let your customers ditch the coupon cutting and head over to your website for an awesome, fairly-priced product. If you want to learn more about comparison shopping sites, keep an eye out for our upcoming blog on Comparison Shopping Sites!


Going the Extra Mile for eCommerce

Those are all on-page/off-page tips. However, you shouldn’t forget that much more goes into the launch of your website. If you’re already foreseeing plenty of growth, take your time with the presentation. The way your website looks will speak for the type of business you’re preparing to run.

Additionally, invest in plenty of analytics tools. You should always work very hard to ensure that your site is operating the way it should be. After all, site speed can make all the difference between a sale for you and a sale for your competitor.

Social media is one of your biggest influences, particularly when it comes to eCommerce. Almost everyone is on social media these days. It’s likely that your audience can reach a pretty far distance with some good SEO. So, as long as you have long-distance shipping as an option, the sale possibility is virtually endless.

Last, but certainly not least, go mobile! If you haven’t already heard, Google is implementing mobile-first indexing. Essentially, those with mobile-friendly sites are more likely to be seen from mobile searches. Don’t forget, a majority of searches are conducted on mobile devices, so you definitely want to be where the action is!


We want to hear from you! If you’ve recently started doing your research on how to make your eCommerce site stick out, let us know what you’ve found success in! Still curious about eCommerce or SEO in general? If so, it may be time to enroll in one of our Professional SEO Training Workshops!

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