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How a Google Account Can Improve Your Lifestyle

How a Google Account Can Improve Your Lifestyle

When people think of Google, they tend to think of search engine optimization benefits and query results.  What they don’t realize, is that Google can be used for personal reasons as well. Google has a lot of useful features that can help you organize and enhance your lifestyle.  

These Google Features Will Enhance Your Lifestyle

Here are some prime features that Google offers that can change and enhance your lifestyle.

Google Calendars

If you’re a Google user, you probably already know about Google Calendars, but for those who don’t, this is a life-changer.  Google Calendar allows you to put all of your daily tasks and appointments into your calendar by date.  You can set reminders, and even attach icons to each event.  You can also create recurring tasks, which makes scheduling regular meetings a breeze.  The best part- you can incorporate almost anything with your Google calendar.  This means you can easily add appointments from your email, phone, or other apps.  You can even view multiple Google calendars from different Google accounts on the same calendar, or add events to more than one calendar, which is great for families or businesses.  

Google Labs

Ever think about what Google is currently developing?  Try Google Labs.  These are features in Google that you can activate which haven’t reached final development yet.  You can un-send emails, look at weather reports, and test many more “experimental” features.

Google Drive

What could possibly be better than instant collaboration on documents and presentations?  Google Drive is a tool that will allow you to share files, folders, and information with a group of your choice.  Not only will you be able to share this information, but all collaborators will be able to update the information to be viewed instantly by the other party.  Gone are the days of searching your email for the correct and most recent documents.  Now, you can instantly update, edit, and view information privately through the cloud on Google Drive.

Google Maps

Get instant directions, recommendations, and area information through Google Maps.  You can even walk local streets from a distance, or find out where you parked your car!  There is no end to the usefulness of this feature.

These are only some basic features that will change your life with Google.  There are many more little features that Google offers which can help you to enhance your lifestyle.  What’s your favorite Google feature, and why?  Let us know your opinion in the comments below!



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