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Private In-House SEO Consulting and/or Training

Have Steve Scott come to your office anywhere in the country and consult with you and your team in order to answer your search engine optimization questions and get everyone up to speed and on the same page. Steve can also customize a training workshop to target it for your company based on your SEO needs.

Private In-House SEO Training Rates

  • In-house SEO Consulting is $1,500 per day, plus expenses.
  • In house SEO Training starts at $1,500 per week (plus instructor expenses) and the following student fees:
    • Student fees for in-house SEO training are based on the number of expected students
      • 1 – 3 Students – Regular Tuition Fee each
      • 4 – 6 Students – 10% off Regular Tuition Fees
      • 7 – 9 Students – 20% off Regular Tuition Fees
      • 10+ Students – Call 877-736-7763 to discuss

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