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Apple’s iPhone vs. the Samsung Omnia

With my T-Mobile contract up on my 2 year old Wing and the “ok” button hanging by some silicone threads, the time for a new phone is at hand. Time to start hunting for the latest smart phones, checking out new data plans, carriers, rates, coverage, etc! I liked my T-Mobile Wing but it was a little slow and the amount of on-board memory never really cut it for me.

To start my hunt, I’m off to my T-Mobile site, verizon’s site, wirefly.com, cnet.com and on to youtube to listen to some reviews from phonedog.com.

OK… now of course the first phone I looked at was the iPhone, right?
It’s all the rage right?
Seems like everyone has one right?

I’ve played around with the iPhone for hours at a time on occasion. In fact, a few family members had asked me if I could help them with their iPhone and I said sure.. I’ll take a look. I loved it!

However, while the iPhone is a lot of fun and very very cool with some awesome apps available, there are just too many things NOT on the iPhone that I found on other phones.

Things like:
– video recording (that’s a big one),
– a high mega pixel camera,
– removable SD cards,
– voice dialing (don’t need, just like),
– block print recognizer (don’t need, just like),
– copy/paste functionality
– PC synchronization with Outlook (way important),
– POP3 email account access (also way important),
– Ability to view/edit Word, Excel and PowerPoint files,
– View PDF Documents,
– Business Card Scanner.

All are features I’d want for my phone. Apple’s iPhone…, not so much!

Then I discovered the Samsung Omnia. It has all the features above and seems to have many of the iPhone’s best features (minus those cool apps of course). Plus, the Omnia also has an FM tuner built right in. That’s kinda cool. It also is getting pretty good user reviews too.

Battery life does seem to be an issue for some but I’m used to plugging in my Wing every night anyway. I’m also ok with my WiFi being off and prefer to turn it only when I need it. That saves lot’s of battery juice.

I don’t know if I like the idea of the stylus being attached by lanyard to the Omnia but, with the Wing, I usually use my fingers anyway . Being familiar with Windows Mobile 6.1 should make the transition to the Omnia relatively smooth.

For me, I think the Omnia might be a better fit. Just haven’t used one before.

Have you ever seen or used one? What did you think?

  1. Marketing Gary

    I have used both and love the iphone. The trick is to get a unlock iphone and use it on the t-mobile network to save money!

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  2. iphone application development

    I’m an iphone baby personally. I think many have tried to duplicate and all have fallen short of the mark. Stick with the iphone, it is awesome.


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