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Four Tips for Making the Most of Google Local Services Ads

Four Tips for Making the Most of Google Local Services Ads

Google Local Services Ads are the latest expansion that Google is making in the local SEO strategy department.  They can be an incredibly valuable tool for reaching a local audience if you use them properly! 

Making the Most Out of Google Local Services Ads

There’s no doubt that these ads can be a valuable investment for your business.  Here are a few tips to make the most out of your experience.

Tip One:  Make Sure You Target the Right Area

Before you can properly invest in a local ad, you should know what areas you are most likely to get traffic from.  The answer could be predictable, but it could surprise you as well.  Make sure you do your research and check out what areas you are ranking in organically so that you can be sure to focus on the right areas when it comes to marketing.

Tip Two:  Familiarize Yourself With the App

Google Local Services Ads are connected to you through a comprehensive app, and you want to know this app inside and out.  The app will let you know when a potential customer is trying to contact you.  It will provide you with valuable insight information that will allow you to see how your ad is performing.  You should truly take the time to understand how to use the app, interpret the insights, and know what they mean for your business.  This is the information that will make your ad set a success.

Tip Three:  Be Responsive to Your Potential Customers

It’s very important that you respond quickly and consistently to the audience that reaches out to you through your local services ad.  This will play a huge factor in the success of your ad and the likelihood of converting that lead into a customer.  Businesses that respond promptly and kindly receive a much higher value from the service, because the potential customer is more likely to follow through.

Tip Four:  Try Split Testing

Split testing is when you create two or more separate ads on the same platform and watch the insights to see which ad performs best.  This can help you determine things like location targeting, wording, and even interests.  It helps you to get to know your audience so you can run ads in the future that specifically target your ideal customer. 

If you are a locally based business, Google Local Services Ads are a great way to market your business online.  What kind of service do you want to market locally?  Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Srimathi B

    A good post on making the Ad campaigns more efficient.


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