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Looks like Sears’ PPC team made a boo-boo!

I was doing some checking to see how a client was doing in Google for the search term “air conditioning tampa” and I happened to notice the sponsored ad from Sears… it’s the third one down.  You’ll see that the Ad’s Headline (the part you click on) says “Keep Warm with Sears®” while the ads description says “Temperatures are sizzling in Tampa! Let Sears cool your home.”

What… what… what!!!

Apologies goes out to the PPC team at Sears as I’m certainly not trying to lay blame on anyone here. I just thought it was kinda funny.  I mean, it has been like 90 degrees in the shade the last few days here and the search term was “air conditioning tampa”.  Wonder how long it’s been running.  Even a giant like Sears can make a silly mistake in the PPC game.  I’ll have to keep an eye on it.

Here’s a screen grab.  Try the search yourself and see if they’ve fixed it yet?

Screen grab for air conditioning tampa

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