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4 Local SEO Tools to Help You Save Time

4 Local SEO Tools to Help You Save Time

How can these 4 Local SEO Tools (Brightlocal, MozLocal, Yext, PlacesScout) make a dent in your day.

You can’t build a business without the right Tools in your toolbox.  If your goal is to build your local listings, you need the right tools for that as well! Trying to build your local presence without the right tools will be difficult and time-consuming. Check out these tools for local SEO.


BrightLocal SEO ToolWith BrightLocal, you have access to a number of features to assist with local SEO. Reporting and data features will help you get information on your ranking in organic, map, and mobile searches.  You can run audits on Google Local and Google Analytics, and even integrate your social media for better tracking.  Additionally, you can create professional and customizable sales reports, and view data for multiple locations.  Brightlocal charges a monthly fee starting at $29/mo for single businesses and capping at $79/mo for SEO professionals.


Moz Local SEO ToolMozLocal is a tool to keep your local listings up to date.  As stated on the site, all you have to do is enter your location information, and MozLocal will do the rest.  This tool will help you push accurate data to major listing sites, update outdated data, and remove duplicate listings.  You can run reports to track your status and ranking, and even view reviews.  MozLocal is an affordable and professional tool that saves you a massive amount of time.  It offers three pricing levels to be paid monthly, with discounts for yearly payment.  The levels are $9/mo, $15/mo, and $21/mo.


yextYext is also a directory and accuracy tool.  It manages a business’s location information across the board on multiple different sites.  The benefit is that it is working all the time to find and correct issues or mistakes.  This helps you to manage your brand anywhere you’re showing up online.  Yext offers a variety of packages to get you started and offers pricing after scheduling a free demo.  Usually, the price ranges from $500-$1,000 annually.


placesscoutPlaces Scout is an automated SEO software tool with features like SEO, keyword research, lead generation, rank tracking, reputation monitoring, and other local SEO tools.  This is an all-in-one solution to get started building your local standing.  Pricing is tailored to your needs and can be obtained by filling out the questionnaire online.


What’s your favorite local SEO tool?  Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Institute of Advanced Digital Marketing Studies

    If you are looking to make a local online presence Yext is a great tools to use, it will first scan all business listings to shows all live business listings and also helps us to build listing but it is included under paid services. Thanks for sharing the list of seo tools, they are really time saving.

    • Steve Scott

      Yext is very helpful for getting a good number of consistent listings in a lot of places. However, they are not the only game in town and should not be the only thing you use. They certainly do make it easy to update your listings on a large scale but only for their own network. There are many other top tier sites that Yext does not cover. However, for a brand new site, I love to use Yext to get the ball rolling.


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