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Making Sure People Notice Your Blog

Making Sure People Notice Your Blog

Writing a blog is great- but how do you get people to notice your blog once it’s written?  Writing great content, posting on social media, and taking advantage of online ads are all great ways to get your blog noticed.

Building an Audience for Your Blog

If you aren’t sure what to do now that you’ve started your blog, try these tips to get yourself noticed and start building an audience.

Strong Content

Slow and steady wins the race, and if you write great content, people will eventually notice and follow your blog.  You want to write content that educates people and gives them what they need.  Concentrate on providing value to the reader and you will inspire people to follow your content. 

Share the Wealth

If you have something valuable to say, share it as much as you can.  Post your blog on social media!  Send it to people you think it could genuinely help.  You can even reach out to popular bloggers in your industry and ask if they accept guest blogs.  If the audience is big enough, one great post on a guest site can convert a lot of people into your followers as well.  

Stay on Task

Nothing will discourage a potential audience member from following your blog like inconsistency.  In order for people to find you, and stay interested, you need to be consistently releasing valuable content. There will always be someone else writing to your audience, so if you want to stand out, just be there for your readers on a regular basis.

Rules of Engagement

You need to engage with your audience, your potential audience, and the people who follow you.  When people start commenting on your blog, answer them.  If they post on your social media, engage with them.  Show that you are interested.  Find similar blogs and be an active listener.  Ask questions and offer advice to similar audiences.  The more interaction you give in the online world, the more you will get.  

Boost That Blog!

If you are posting your blog on social media, give it a boost.  Social media advertising is still relatively inexpensive, and you can get more exposure for your blog by targeting people through ads.  How you target your ads will depend on which audience you are trying to reach.

If you follow these tips, people should start noticing your blog over time!  What will you write about?  Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Nick @

    If you have the budget for it, social advertising is worthwhile. What’s great is the targeting options. You can make sure the right people are seeing your posts.


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