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Can’t Afford SEO? Do This ONE Thing Instead

Can’t Afford SEO? Do This ONE Thing Instead

If you’ve ever attended any of Steve Scott’s SEO training classes, you’ll learn that there are hundreds of factors that need to be considered to ensure that your site is technically up to snuff as well as take advantage of all the opportunities available to rank well.

If you don’t have the time to do all these things yourself, or cannot afford to have a SEO firm perform these services for you, there’s one thing you can do to help improve your SEO and your outreach to potential leads and customers.



Whether this is a blog post, a new page, social media posts, infographics, white papers, or other forms of content, it doesn’t matter. You need to produce it, and you need to make it awesome!

The internet was designed specifically to share content, and Tim Berners-Lee developed HTML to make it easier to make content more visual on the internet with the ability to hyperlink content together. This is now the internet and the world-wide-web as we know it.

People flooded to the internet in the mid to late-1990s because so much information was available and the devices to connect to the internet was available at a reasonable cost.  Search engines developed to help users find what they were looking for.

This brief history lesson shows that content and the willingness to develop and share content is the crux of our modern lives.

Developing Your Own Content

If you’re a business owner who is a passionate expert in your field, you could probably talk someone’s ear off about what you do. Translate that passion into a blog post or develop an entirely new page for your website.

Here’s a few quick tips to develop your own content:

  • Write one post a week. That’s enough to start out.
  • Don’t worry about keywords or other SEO elements right now. You need to get into the habit of developing content on a frequent basis. Earlier in the year I discussed the importance of building solid habits for SEO.
  • Start by writing down a list of potential topics. You’ll be surprised how many ideas inspire you. Keep this list around and add to it when something sparks in your head.
  • Find 15 minutes to write a day. Don’t worry about editing it as you go, just write. You can revise and optimize when you’ve completed your thought.
  • Recent news in your field is always a great way for you to add your thoughts and opinions.

If you start this habit, you’ll find that it becomes a part of your routine.

Record Yourself

Like I said above, there are some experts who can talk your ear off about their expertise, but couldn’t sit in front of their computer to write for the life of them.

So find a happy medium. Record yourself talking about a specific topic, and then transcribe it or hire someone to transcribe it for you.

Some of our clients have done this with videos simply talking into the camera. They upload the video to YouTube, have the audio transcribed and then publish it as a blog post. That’s called re-purposing content, which can be great for SEO, but shouldn’t be done in excess.

Outsourcing Content Development

Finding a freelance writer can ease much of the time and energy of developing content for your website and can be a valuable experience for your business. By doing so, you’ll have someone who can mimic the culture of your business and even the tone of your voice while providing you with a perspective that might be closer to a reader than an expert.

This is also an excellent opportunity to still record your thoughts and have your freelance writer re-purpose it for a solid blog post.

Why You Should Focus On Content

I’ve seen many clients come to Tampa SEO for our services, and the ones that tend to do the best are the ones who were writing great content all along, even before they truly understood the role that SEO could have on their business.

The companies who want to share their culture, explain their products and services, and generally want to reach out in a sincere manner tend to have the best relationships with their customers and followers on social media, and therefore do better with SEO.

Not only is developing content a great way to build a solid SEO foundation, you’ll have tons of content you can point your users and visitors towards.

Once you see positive momentum with your business, you can then hire those SEO experts you always wanted to hire (Tampa SEO, right?) and revise and optimize your website to perform even better. Don’t settle for cheap SEO plans from companies promising you the world. Cheap service gets you cheap results, often times with a penalty right around the corner.

  1. Jeremy

    Aaron, I absolutely agree with you. Good content is very important, it’s the first thing to start with.


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