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Dealing with Bad Reviews on Social Media

Dealing with Bad Reviews on Social Media

Everyone has seen the scathing reviews that sometimes circulate the social media world.  It can be disheartening for businesses, especially if there is an isolated incident that they feel they handled properly, to have these reviews posted on their social media in Tampa.  What you may not realize as a business owner is that most people will be looking to see how you handle negative feedback.  If they take the time to read the negative review, your response will hold just as much weight.

Communication Management for your Social Media in Tampa

Don’t Ignore

Ignoring a negative comment or review is one of the worst things you can do as a business owner.  No response is the ultimate confirmation in the social media world.  It also portrays a level of apathy that you don’t want associated with your business.  Finally, social media SEO is often based on your activity.  If you are not responsive, it can affect who’s seeing your posts.

Make sure you respond quickly.  Social media is a fast-paced environment, and if you do not address the issue, it can escalate.  You don’t need to offer an immediate solution- just let your customers know that you value them and are looking into the matter.

Apologize, Accept Responsibility, and Offer a Solution

Reviews can be a great source of feedback and a stepping stone to improve your business, or a great source of frustration. Some reviews are going to make you wonder what people could be thinking.  No matter how off-the-wall the review may seem, you should handle each negative review the same way.  

Apologize to the offended party.  Whatever their reasoning, they had a bad enough experience in their opinion to take the time to write the review.  Accept responsibility for the fact that their experience was negative.  Finally, the most important part that many people neglect is to offer a solution.  The goal is to get them back in and to show publicly that you are offering a solution.  Something as simple as an invitation to come back or to meet with the manager are excellent options.  

Be Friendly

Be friendly and welcoming to the reviewer.  Professionalism is important, but in a casual setting such as social media, you should have a casual, friendly persona.  For example, instead of saying “We are sorry for the negative experience.  Please Email the manager for a free appetizer coupon for your next visit”, you could state “Emily, I’m so sorry for your experience here.  I’d love to have you come in again soon and enjoy one of your favorite appetizers- on me!  Here is my email address, let me know when you are coming in so I can stop by and make sure you are having a better experience!”   While both of these fit the criteria you need, one is more inviting and friendly.

These tips should help you handle any reviews you may face with your social media in Tampa.



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