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Is Big business going to be able to keep up?

I read the latest post Seth Godin wrote entitled “How much for digital”. This whole concept poses a fairly new question for big business. How will these million and billion dollar companies make a smooth transition to an online market, if they haven’t already? If someone can come in and sell the same product you offer at a lower price to a mass audience, what do you do to stay afloat, especially in the movie rental business? Not only is it cheap to rent movies online but you can get them for free if you know how.

We specialize in getting people found on the major search engines either by teaching them in our SEO certification courses or by taking them on for full service SEO and internet marketing implementation. As I read this post I started thinking about how we are going to take our existing clients and new clients to the next level on the web. How are we going to keep up with the latest trends and behaviors? How are we going to transition not only our clients but our selves to this ever evolving place called the internet? How are we going to teach this to our students to make them understand it’s importance?

I also watched Meatball Sundae, which is a seminar Seth offered just the other day. If you haven’t seen it you should. He answered a lot of my questions. The truth is, if you are an internet marketer you have to stay on top of the latest trends in order to effectively market your self and your clients. I feel we are transitioning into a more “user specific” age where it is more important to target the individual and their needs than the masses as a group or demographic. People want to see what other “real” people have to say, whether it is about products, services or the whole experience, it doesn’t matter.

Web 2.0 offers a way for you to accomplish this in addition to traditional SEO techniques. We have now implemented the web 2.0 experience into our product line. Actually we always offered it; I guess we just expanded on it to better fit the changing currents.

So to answer my own question YES! Big business can keep up they just have to be willing to diversify. Change is inevitable and fast in the world of technology, if the big dogs don’t follow along they will be the ones left on the porch.

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