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Top 7 Things to Do for Email Marketing Success

Top 7 Things to Do for Email Marketing Success

Most companies now realize the power of great email marketing strategy. While a great site and ads can create traffic, a good email can keep a customer you’ve already once won over on your side. Remember that your email audience is made up of people who willingly subscribed to your email list.  They either did this because they’re curious, they bought a product from you or they’ve used your site before. Those are all good conversion indicators. All you need to do is maintain that relationship.

For a Great Email Marketing Strategy, Follow These Tips

To help you keep your audience happy, here are some tips for great email marketing strategy that you can try.

TIP 1: Plan it out.

All the best marketing results come from a goal-oriented plan. Happy accidents seldom happen, and it’s hard to recreate them. Before sending out emails, make sure you know what you want to accomplish and how the email will help you achieve your goals. The last thing you want is to pester your subscribers with fluff emails.

TIP 2: Stay on trend.

You have to know your audience. Are they moms, millennials with freelancing jobs or retirees living the good life? Once you have that down, zero in on what recently caught their attention, whether that’s the news or the latest trend on Twitter. Stay on top of trends and makes sure you use in favor of winning over your subscribers.

TIP 3: Pick a subject line with a punch.

The first thing your subscribers see in their inbox is the subject line of your email. If you want them to open it, it has to stand out from the bulk of other emails they’re receiving. There are so many ways to do this — from shock and awe to straight to the point. You can take your pick.

TIP 4: Add great graphics.

Sometimes content alone cannot communicate the emotion of your message. You can add compelling graphics to make sure that your emails are as effective as it needs to be. Make sure you only add the images that make sense, though.

TIP 5: Write a suggestive copy.

Great copywriting is usually what differentiates an email that converts to a sale and one that doesn’t. You have to pick the right strategy, whether you’re going emotional, informative or creative. Whatever you choose, make sure that it delivers on the goal you set for that particular email.

TIP 6: Include a great landing page.

The worse mistake you can make is adding an action link that does not prompt an action. If the goals is to sell a particular product, the landing page should be where they can purchase the product directly, not the landing page

TIP 7: Test emails.

To make sure you’re sending out the appropriate emails that can convert to sales, test it internally first. Based on their response, you can adjust or send out these emails. You can try split testing and other methods for this.

If you follow these tips, your email marketing strategy will be a success!  What’s your favorite email strategy?  Let us know in the comments below!


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