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Google Features You May Not Know About

Google Features You May Not Know About

Google’s reputation is definitely as the most prominent search engine out there.  However, what many people don’t realize is that Google has an array of opportunities and tools to enhance your daily life.  While most people have a basic understanding of how Google works and Google features, the lesser-known features manage to escape their attention.

Lesser-Known Google Features That May Surprise You

Here are some features you may want to start exploring on Google.

Google Timer

Did you know Google has a timer feature?  You can just enter timer into the search bar along with the amount of time you need and get started.  This can be super-useful if you’re counting down.

Google Flights

Did you know that you can essentially perform the same actions as with a travel site right through Google?  Just visit  You can enter your destination and travel dates, or leave your destination or timing up to Google to find the best flights!  You’ll be able to compare airlines, easily adjust flight dates and times, and find special deals.  

Parking Location

You will never forget where you’ve parked if you use the Parking location feature in Google Now.  You simply program your usual mode of transportation, and after you get out of your car, you’ll see a card in your Google app that says “Parking Location.”  This will show you where you’ve parked, and you can pull it up at any time to find your car.

Find My Phone

If you haven’t connected your phone to Google, do it now.  With the Find My Phone feature on Google, you can find your phone anywhere, as long as your location is turned on.  You can also see when it was last active, so you’ll know if someone has it.  

Nutrition Comparison Search

What’s better for you, a bowl of rice or a banana?  Start comparing your options with the Google Nutrition Comparison Search.  Just type “Compare” in the search bar in addition to the foods.  For example, “Compare grapefruit and orange”.  Google will let you know the nutrition facts!

Google Home

Looking for your own Home Assistant?  Google Home has multiple features that could be enhancing your every day.  From sports to entertainment, to recipes, everything is organized and personalized to meet your needs and answer your requests.  

Have you explored Google to the fullest? Tell us your favorite feature in the comments below!


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