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7 Steps to Getting Into Google Maps

7 Steps to Getting Into Google Maps

To increase the potential of your local SEO rankings, getting listed on Google Maps is essential.  When you Google a business, local listings show up first due to the Google Maps feature.   If you are already on Google Maps, this article is not for you. However, if you are a new business or are not yet listed on Google Maps, you’ll want to read this step-by-step article so you can get yourself listed and start building your local SEO!

Improve Your Local SEO By Getting Into Google Maps

Step One:  Visit  Once you’re there, there will be a message telling you how to begin creating your Google business listing.  Click the “Start Now” button to be directed right to the page where you can add your business, and start making an appearance on Google Maps.

Step Two:  Fill out the form with your business information.  The site will ask for your name, address, and other business information.  

Step Three:  After you have entered basic information, Google will try to pinpoint your service area.  It will ask you which areas you serve and if you offer services at the site of your business.  It will also ask you to choose a radius of the areas you serve.

Step Four:  Google will need to verify your address.  The system will ask you if you want to receive a postcard by mail with a code that will be sent to you, or a phone call.  You also have the option to verify later.

Step Five:  Go ahead and add the details you need on your Google business page so that you can provide your customers with the information they need.  Don’t forget to add pictures!  

Step Six:  Once you receive the postcard or phone call with the code, you will sign back into your Google business account and verify your business.  Once your business is verified, it will have a better Google standing!

Step Seven:  Finally, go through all of your business information and make sure it is 100% accurate.  You will be able to update your listing through your business account.

Local representation is extremely important if you want to reach your local audience. Having a Google Maps listing will make it easier for customers to find you, get directions, and see your business when they search in a local area.  Make sure you start your business listing today so you can start showing up on Google Maps!  


Steve Scott is the CEO & Director of Training at the Tampa SEO Training Academy. He has taught SEO skills to people from around the world and currently offers his hands-on search engine optimization training workshops in Tampa to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Corporate SEO training classes and consulting are also available.

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