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Writing a Blog Post That People WANT to Read

Writing a Blog Post That People WANT to Read

Are you just beginning to write your blog?  Or have you been blogging for a while, but feel that people aren’t interested?  Don’t worry- blogging can be tough!  Writing a readable blog can help you attract and maintain future customers to your business.

Keys to Writing a Readable Blog for Your Audience

If you want a blog that people love to read, just follow these simple steps to creating a great blog.

Step One:  Know Your Audience

Take some time to evaluate your audience.  What do they want to learn about?  What are their daily habits?  What do they wear?  What do they eat?  Try imagining your ideal audience member and create a profile for them before you start planning out your blog posts.

Step Two:  Be Intentional

The topics you choose should be relevant to the theme of your blog, but interesting to your audience members.  Topics can be very specific or loosely related, as long as your ideal client would want to read them.  Try to see what other companies like yours are writing about, and see if they are getting good engagement on these topics.  Don’t just start putting out content.  Make sure you do the research and think out your plan.  Remember, you know more than you think!  Now it’s time to share it.

Step Three:  Simply Write Out Your Blog

Research shows that people are more likely to read your blog if it is simple and easily consumed. You certainly don’t want a blog post that is too short, but long rambling blogs are not well-trafficked either. People also prefer to read simple language.  This is especially true with blogs because they are often reading on an electronic device that makes it tedious to read complicated prose.  Short sentences are also a must.  Nobody likes a run-on!

Step Five:  Optimize and Post

Make sure you optimize your blog post before you post it, and jazz it up with images and headlines.  This will ensure that your content is found when people are searching for topics included in your post.

Step Six:  Fail (A Lot!)

We hope you write the perfect blog post every time, but that’s not realistic.  Don’t be afraid to post something that isn’t perfect.  The truth is, you’ll oftentimes be surprised by what people want to know.  The only sure way to know if someone is going to be interested in your blog topics is to go ahead and post them.  Then, just pay attention and see which blogs people are responding to.  This will ensure that you keep your content fresh and interesting to your audience, instead of simply posting topics you are interested in.

We hope this was helpful to you!  What are you going to write your next blog post about?  Let us know in the comments below!


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