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True or False: SEO Rumors Revealed

True or False: SEO Rumors Revealed

In the Search Engine Optimization industry, there are plenty of rumors flying around.  Many people claim to have SEO expertise, but unless you stay constantly current and never stop training, it’s tough to know how to boost web rankings. Rumors get started for different reasons.  Some are because the information the person hears is outdated, or no longer acceptable.  Sometimes it’s just plain wrong.  Whatever the reason, here are some of the most popular rumors and their basis (if any) in fact.

Learn Search Engine Optimization Advantages and Abandon These SEO Myths

SEO Doesn’t Work

Let’s start with the assumption that SEO as a service itself is a myth.  This most likely originates from people who have used inexperienced SEO services, or ineffective methods.  In fact, there are many search engine optimization advantages for your website.  SEO is a full time job when you’re starting from scratch, and people tend to look for instant results.  SEO works, and since most businesses are using SEO practices these days, you could fall way behind the competition if you don’t employ these techniques.  However, while you will see very quick results if done properly, it may take a while for you to get to the top, and receive the full search engine optimization advantages.  

Keywords aren’t relevant anymore

This is completely false, but it has roots in truth.  It used to be that plugging in a keyword was a great way to get to the top of the ranks.  The issue was, websites that weren’t relevant to the search term were using the keywords to be seen.  Search engines became smarter, and the keyword alone is no longer enough.  However, keywords are crucial to the success of your business being found on search engines.  What you have to do is make sure the keyword is relevant to the content.

Link Building is Dead

Again, this is a myth that started because of bad SEO practices. In order to stop irrelevant sites from attempting to boost their SEO ranking through link building, Google attempted to take links out of the search algorithm when determining rank. This did not help the search engine results, and in fact gave poor quality results.  Links can definitely help build your SEO- just make sure they are relevant, and don’t abuse them.  Using improper practices will get you flagged and penalized in the search engine realm.

SEO is Fast

This is a tricky one.  SEO techniques can have an almost immediate result when it comes to boosting your ranking, but it’s a long way to the top.  You need regular updating and dedication in order to rise to the top of search engines- and stay there.  Although there’s no magic keyword that will change your ranking overnight, you’ll see firsthand the amazing benefits moving up on the rankings has for your business if you continue training and practicing SEO skills.

Though these are the most common myths out there, SEO practices are under constant scrutiny.  The best way for you to find out the truth behind all of your SEO expectations is to attend our extensive SEO training in Tampa.  

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