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Why Link Building Really Should Be Organic and Natural

My previous blog post was about why link directories and articles directories lost their value. Recently, John Mueller of Google Switzerland, in a Hangout video, was asked a question about whether link building was in anyway good for webmasters? Mueller basically says that he would try to “avoid that”.

So wait, Google is now saying that link building isn’t good? No, Mueller is saying that links are one of hundreds of factors, and obtaining copious amounts of links is might hurt you more than help you.

In the video, he explains that helping others link to you is a better for your website. Here, he’s implying that natural links that you earn by providing helpful content is a better ranking signal that any amount of links. Your content should scream “Link to me”.

For example, Steve Scott told me about the blog post on Search Engine Roundtable about Mueller’s Comment. This gave me reason to write a blog post (this one you’re reading) and in the previous sentence, I linked to the original blog article, which also contains the video and transcription of Mueller’s comment. Search Engine Roundtable earned that link because they procured a video and content about something incredibly important, and they also asked what their commenters thought of it.

That is as natural as you get to link building. There was a reason for me to write a blog post that added an extended interpretation and analysis, and link back to the original source. Make sense right?

Still obtaining links by creating, claiming, and/or verifying local listing or niche directories is also still a viable task as Local SEO is still important as those sites have ranking factors that might be higher than obtaining links.

Link building is about creating links where it makes sense and is appropriate. Rather than looking to see where you can get a solid link, you should also consider if a user might click on this link at all. What good is a link if it’s not used? Would you advertise your business on medium that no one uses?

So, again, focusing on content marketing and finding engaging ways to get others to naturally want to write  and link about your product or service is one of the best forms of link building.

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