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Local SEO and What It Can Do For Your Business

Local SEO and What It Can Do For Your Business

SEO has single-handedly catapulted many businesses to the top of their industry – from small mom and pop diners turned tourist destinations to big designer brands becoming more accessible to the mass market. SEO is a great way to level the playing field and, at the same time, skew it in your favor.

Traditionally, big brands control most marketing techniques because the usual channels are so limited, making them expensive. The internet gives every business the opportunity to compete with these already established brands by ranking well on a search engine.

Everyone relies on Google and other search engines for their daily needs. That includes a plumber when their shower breaks, where to go for special occasions, online clothing retailers to restock their wardrobe and even the best places to visit during holidays. Ranking well on SEO means that you’re one of the first pages that they will see and click on. This also translates to more credibility because people trust what they find online, especially those which appear in the first few pages.

Local SEO Can Change the Way You Market Your Business

Local SEO strategies target the location that your business is in by ranking for a specific location rather than a global market.  This helps in directing local customers to your page, so when you do well here, conversion is a lot easier. That’s because it focuses on local keywords and customizing your site so that you’re ranking well in the local search engine results. Most people use local searches every day to look for and check on local businesses.  That’s why managing your local SEO properly is the key to helping those people find you.

There are very few people who check the yellow pages anymore when they are looking for someplace to go. Most people will look online to find services and businesses in their area.  Almost all people will look up a business before they visit.  

Remember, people who do local searches are already looking for something in your vicinity. They will either type in a specific business name, or the product and service they are looking for followed by the area they are in. The goal is to provide the consumer with the information that will lead them directly to you, such as your name, address, service, and hours.  

Ranking locally will ensure that your customers can find your business, increasing the likelihood that they’ll choose your business above the others in the area.  To see where you currently stand, search for the type of business you are (ex: restaurant), followed by your area.  

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    Building GMB page and citations helps to improve local SEO and businesses can acquire more traffic locally. Thanks for sharing such interesting post.

    • Steve Scott

      Thanks, glad you liked it.


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