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Tips for High Visibility on Facebook

Tips for High Visibility on Facebook

Facebook is now 1.94 billion-strong. That’s only the active users who log in at least once a month. 1.28 billion of that population visit Facebook on a daily basis. Imagine the reach a company has on that huge group which spends an average of 20 minutes on the site. If a brand plays their cards right, that’s massive mileage that can be converted to sales. It’s not hard to see why marketers are investing a lot of time on Facebook marketing strategies, aiming to grow their Facebook engage their audience.  

Marketing Strategies on Facebook Can Grow Your Business

Because of its popularity, both with end users and businesses hoping to reach them, Facebook has become a popular tool when it comes to marketing strategies. You need to come up with a good strategy to be noticed by the right group of people who can become your customers. To help you do that, here are some tips that are guaranteed to increase your Facebook visibility.

Pick a Name That Stands Out

As with a brand name, it’s important pick be strategic because once you pick a name for your page, you can’t change it. If you’ve invested a lot in a brand name and it has recall and following, stick with that. You can also add you location, especially if you have a local business like a diner or a hotel. That way, when people look up a particular location associated to you, your page will come up. Keep your name short, simple and direct. Remember, the name you choose is also what will appear on search engines.

Post Consistently and During High Traffic Hours

Facebook, like any site has peak hours. Figure out what time your demographic is most online and what they typically do while they’re online. Generally, people are on Facebook in the middle of the week, from 1 to 3 PM. That means they’re either at work or in school, while they’re checking Facebook. That results in the highest traffic for pages during this time, but the most engagement is typically achieved at around 7 PM on those days.  This can drastically change based on your target audience, so play around with posts a bit and see when you’re getting good engagement.

Once you’ve decided on a pattern, make sure to maintain consistency.  A quiet Facebook page is easily overlooked, even by your most loyal followers. Additionally, Facebook’s algorithm rewards consistency with higher visibility.

Boost Your Post

If you know your content will be a hit and can add a lot of engagement to your page, as long as it reaches the right people, then invest in boosting the post. This does not mean that you have to spend so much money on one post. In fact, Facebook boosting is relatively cheap, and it grows exponentially on its own. You can spend under $50 and specifically boost the post towards people who have been on your page and their immediate friends on the site.

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