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Multi-Location Local SEO Tips and Strategies

Multi-Location Local SEO Tips and Strategies

There is so much emphasis on the importance of optimizing locally when you own a business.  Ranking in your area is of utmost importance, but what do you do when you have multiple locations?  If you’re wondering about multi-location SEO strategies, here’s a simple guide to understanding local SEO that will work best for you.

Quick Tips and Multi-Location SEO Strategies

Giving the Right Information

The most important thing to remember when you have multiple locations is that the person searching for your business or service needs to have the right information in order for any strategy to work.  Making sure you have accurate information no matter which location is vital to the success of your SEO campaign.

Location Pages

One way to make sure people have accurate information is to start creating location pages.  DO NOT put all of your business information on one location page.  You want to have a unique page for each business location.  This will make your individual locations easier to find, and ensure that your local SEO strategy does not suffer simply because you are trying to rank for more than one area.

Make sure that the content for each location page is unique.  Don’t use one format for each page.  Instead, highlight the unique qualities of that location and gear it toward that specific audience.  Testimonials about the location are a great way to differentiate if you are stuck!

Stay Consistent

Make sure you are regularly managing your listings.  This means your directories, such as Yelp, Yahoo, and even your niche directories, such as WeddingWire.  You need to make sure your locations are listed and that there is consistency across the board.  Search engines will look for suspicious behavior, and something as simple as the wrong phone number on one of your listings can create an inconsistency that will get you penalized on search engine results.

Google My Business

Verified Google My Business accounts are ahead of the game when it comes to ranking.  Make sure that you are optimizing and spending time and effort on creating your business accounts.  Pictures, unique content, and proper listing information will help you to properly utilize this platform.  Once you are able to verify your address, you will also have a local advantage over unverified businesses.

With these simple tips, you are on your way to making your local SEO strategy for multiple locations a success.  Did you find these helpful?  Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Filip Zafirovski

    Great article Scott, thanks for the share.

    I have one question for you.

    Did you happen to find a situation where local business did well without location pages?

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