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Tools to Use to Find Quality Links

Tools to Use to Find Quality Links

Where does one find quality links to begin link building?  Understanding the benefits of link building with quality links is just the beginning.  Finding links is where the real research begins.  Fortunately, there are tools you can use to make your search easier. Here is a list of some of our favorite tools.

Google Search Console

Google Search Console is a tool that allows you to see who’s linking to your site.  Once you’ve added your site, you can use the links to your site report to view your most common link sources, the pages on your site with the most links leading to them, and the most common anchor text.  From there, you can get a sense of who’s linking to you and if they are the sites you want.  This tool is free and perfect for basic SEO purposes.


Majestic is the premiere tool in the industry.  The tool actually uses the same methods to search your site that search engines do.  They offer multiple link tools.  One of the most unique and clear features is the Topical Trust Flow chart.  This divides the sites that are linking to you into topics, and allows you to measure which categories are dominant.  You can easily measure whether the sites that are linking to you are relevant and trustworthy.

The bulk backlink checker will allow you to see the backlink count for multiple domains.  The backlink history tool reveals the number of backlinks detected for web domains and subdomains.  It will allow you to compare up to five sites at a time.  They even have a link “fight” tool, which allows you to compare the backlink profiles for any two sites as they fight it out.  The subscription for Majestic is a monthly fee ranging from $49.99-$399.99, based on your needs.


This is your fully blown out SEO agency tool.  You can use it for keyword research as well as backlink auditing.  The backlink audit tool is specifically designed to help you eliminate unnatural links that are destroying your Google ranking.  You’ll be able to see each individual link going back to the analyzed website, and eliminate “toxic” links.  SEMRush is a great tool for professionals, and will cost anywhere from $99.95-$399.95 per month.

Cognitive SEO

When looking for link tools, the Cognitive Inbound Link Analysis tool gives you the in-depth information you need to get to the bottom of your link situation.  You can compare competitors, look at your own links, and filter out your junk links.  You can look at all links or just your live links.  You can analyze your new links, links you’ve lost, and unnatural links.  The link profile will tell you where your links stand as far as quality. The link management tool also offers features such as daily rank tracking, backlink checking, and link preview.  Cognitive SEO has in-depth filters that allow you to be specific about the links you are looking for.  You can get really in-depth with Cognitive SEO, and pricing runs anywhere from $99-$999 per month.

Additional Link Tools

OpenSite Explorer

This tool from Moz gives you the capability to search and view reports on domain and page authority, number of links, and other basic link information.  It’s available with your Moz subscription, starting at $99 per month.


This is a frequently used research tool in the industry, and with plans starting at $99 per month, it’s affordable for those who want to make a splash with SEO.  It offers link research capabilities as well as a backlink tools, and even has a link intersect tool to help you discover your missed link opportunities.


This resource is a bit pricier than other options, ranging from $169-$1999 per month, but if you’re handling multiple SEO clients or doing some truly in-depth link development and design, this tool is going to give you the one-stop resource to manage a full-time link building business.

What link research tools do you use, and why are they your favorite?  Let us know your favorites in the comments below!

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