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5 Tips to Avoid a Social Media Nightmare and Elevate Your Brand

5 Tips to Avoid a Social Media Nightmare and Elevate Your Brand

Do you want your employees to share more about your business on social media platforms?

Here is a quick guide that you should implement before they start posting. 

  1. Create a clear social media guideline for employees to follow. Do not allow them to communicate any information regarding new clients.

  2. On engagement, brainstorm with them about possible topics employees can share and advise them on how you expect them to react with followers. Be sure to ask them to include your brand’s persona and voice when allowing them to interact online. For instance, if your brand is very personable or even say cheeky, you may not want them to respond in a stiff personal voice. Instead, advise them to keep it lighthearted, but professional.

  3. Address the types of customers that your employees should avoid interacting with. Teach them how to identify “trolls” and to realize that not all negative comments merit a response.  Create a FAQ with official responses if you can for them.  When in doubt, ask them not to respond, and to bring the comment or post to you or your marketing team instead.

  4. Create and use your own branded hashtags. Using a dedicated hashtag will make it easier to monitor the posts that your employees have created and shared. Your brand can then re-post their content or re-train them if necessary on the guidelines you have created.

  5. Encourage your employees to share their positive day-to-day moments while at work. People are more inclined to engage with social posts from friends or acquaintances rather than brands. Office celebrations, quick videos, fundraisers, fun observances, or playful or social moments usually create the most engagement.

Having your employees participate in building your company culture will improve your brand’s awareness and boost your company’s image among like-minded customers. Allowing your employees to participate on social media platforms also gives them a sense of ownership and sharing their posts is the best way to show them they are a welcome part of your social media presence.

Did we miss anything?

What Social Media guidelines are you using for your employees?

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