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Plaxo Pulse is my new favorite toy!

I recently signed up with Plaxo and it’s new Pulse Social Networking tool. While I’m still new with Plaxo and Pulse I’ve am investigating it’s potential. There are a few things I really like about Pulse so far.

First, it allows you to synchronize all your email boxes from things like Outlook, LinkedIn, AOL, Yahoo, and many others. Even on multiple computers or with multiple email clients. It lets you keep one up-to-date address book that you can access no matter where you are. This includes the ability to sync up those contacts with your phone.

You can then easily “connect” with the people in your address books or invite them to join Plaxo . As your connections make changes to their own profile those changes are visible to all their connections including you. In addition, you can also hook into your blogs, photo sharing sites, your Facebook account, Digg account, MySpace, YouTube and many, many more.

Now, anytime you publish content at any of those venues, it is filtered into your Pulse account where all your connections can see it. You also have the ability to send a message to all your contacts (with the option to email them or just display on Pulse), post a poll, add a video, join groups, lot’s more too.

It was really pretty easy to get things running and so far I’m pretty impressed.

Here’s a link to some of the things it does:http://www.plaxo.com/premium?src=corp_nav

Here’s another link to a Plaxo Q&A page

Let me know what you think.

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