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Tips for Getting Your Videos Noticed on Facebook & Social Media

Tips for Getting Your Videos Noticed on Facebook & Social Media

One great way to build your online presence is through video content. As one of the leaders of SEO companies in Tampa Bay, Tampa SEO knows how to use video to increase your ranking on search engines.  SEO Companies in Tampa Bay

Social media has been a major player in SEO recently, and getting your content more interaction on Facebook can help you move up fast.  

If you’re trying to get your videos noticed on Facebook, here are a few steps you should follow.

Steps to Getting More Exposure

First, choose a focus.  It could be related to what you do for business, or something you have knowledge about at home.  Try to pick a broad focus and then choose related topics for your video content.  

After you’ve found your focus, start coming up with content for topics.  Choose topics that you think your target audience will care about and enjoy watching.  Better yet, choose topics that can teach them something so that they are more inclined to share with their friends.

When you start posting content, be consistent.  Many video content producers will create batches of videos and release them on a consistent basis.  You must be consistent to increase the amount of interaction on your video content.  If you stop posting, you lose people, and they move on to someone else.

Post your videos directly into the Facebook platform.  Like Google, Facebook has a filtering system it uses to put certain people at the top.  Interaction has a lot to do with it, but so does format.  If you upload your video directly into Facebook, it will give you preference to sharing it from another platform.

Facebook also offers a variety of call to action buttons.  You can choose contact us, visit website, etc.  If your goal is to increase video engagement, you can choose the “watch video” call to action button.  

This will lead people to your video content, and hopefully move them up in search engine and Facebook rankings.  You can even create video playlists to organize and control what people see first.

Use Facebook Insights to keep track of your engagement.  If you are posting on a consistent basis, you will notice that certain topics and posts perform better than others, and you can use this as a guide to posting ace videos every time.

With the help of our SEO companies in Tampa Bay, you can learn how to swiftly move your video content and your website up the ranks in Google and Facebook.  At Tampa SEO, our professionals can train and help you to build your online presence.

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