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Start Marketing on Social Media!

The number of active users on social media continues to grow. Think of yourself as a fisherman. The fish are social media users. If you throw your bait into the water (posts about your products), fish will start biting (sales!).

Your customers, or target audience, are all on social media. If you’ve been avoiding marketing on social media, for whatever reason, you’re losing out on several sales and/or customers. Big businesses are already in on the action, but smaller businesses could definitely find success marketing across the many social media platforms, too.


Benefits of Marketing on Social Media

Did you know that there are about 50 million small businesses using Facebook to market to their audience? A majority of business marketers use some sort of social media in order to reach their audiences. Not only are they using social media for marketing, but they are also staying on social media. Which means one thing; it’s working.

Marketing on social media works. There is no denying it. It comes with several benefits:

  • Brand recognition.
  • Direct customer interaction.
  • Increase in traffic to your website.
  • Target specific audiences through ads.
  • Cost effective marketing.
  • Assists in improving SEO rankings.
  • You spy on competition first hand.
  • Better outbound sale success rates.

Brand Recognition

Brand recognition is particularly important. When you gain some recognition from your posts, you begin to build a personality, and a brand voice. In other words, people may know your business exists; however, with more informational posts, customers will be able to learn more about what you offer, therefore creating more leads for your business.

Increasing Traffic and Search Engine Rank

Social media marketing, of course comes with plenty of SEO opportunities. Let’s say you create a social media post. One that links back to content on your website. Visitors will see what you’re posting, and maybe decide to scroll through some of your other suggested posts.

Eventually, they may start just going to your website. If this effect happens among several people, you being to naturally develop a ton of traffic to your site. When you have traffic to your site, your ranking will begin to increase.

Competitive Intelligence

When small businesses strive to succeed online, they often turn to competitive analysis tools to keep an eye on their competition. When you’re marketing on social media, you can ditch the tools. Instead, just take a look at what the competition is posting, advertising, and getting noticed for.

Sales, Sales, Sales

Did you know social media is responsible for more ‘closing sales’ than other outbound marketing tactics? Every post or advertisement you run, typically leads directly to a sale at some point in time. Whether it is from a user who has visited before and ready to make their purchase, or a new user, potential customer, traveling through your sales funnel to learn more about your product. You are likely to get more sales through social media than anything else.


Marketing on Social Media Made Easy

First things first, download social media, if you don’t have it already. Next, try apps that you may not have thought about for your business yet. Perhaps a restaurant could post cooking tips and tricks with photos on Pinterest. Or a nail salon could post videos on Facebook of the newest trending nail fashion and their clients nails being done. Finally, see the traffic start coming your way!

The process is really quite simple. Social media marketing is the easiest, cheapest, and generally most effective ways to get information out about your company.


We want to hear from you! What social media platforms are you using and finding the most success from? Are you using social media in any non-conventional ways to develop sales for your business? Leave a comment, and let us know!



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