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The Evolution of Instagram for Marketing

Digital marketing goes beyond just search engines. If you limit yourself to just search engine result page goals, you are cheating yourself out of possible success. One way to help your online recognition is posting regularly to social media. One of the best apps for marketing this year is Instagram. Shocked? Here’s why we think it’s the next best social media app for business related victories.

Instagram: The Development of Unique Opportunity

Launched on October 6th, of 2010, Instagram was originally created as a type of personal image vault. The founders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, found almost instant success on the launch of this app. Within hours, they crossed over ten thousand users!

While Instagram, originally called ‘Burbn’, gained a ton of attention right off the bat, they experienced issues with the app. Between four employees, they tweaked the app, fixed issues, created filters, etc. With new developments found over the last eight years, Instagram has been pinpointed as one of the best apps for personal and business-related success.

Benefits of Running a Business on Instagram

It may seem like just another social media application. However, there is so much more to it. When you start your business journey on Instagram, you will find yourself noticing the benefits more and more.

Switch Directly to a Business Account

One of the best possible things that the developers have done, is given users the opportunity to switch their page to a business page. Which means, quite literally, this app knows how to focus on business development.

Analytic Information

When you decide to switch your profile to a business account, you get direct information on your visitors and users. The app provides insights on age, sex, and location of users, while also telling you about how well your posts are doing, your likes, comments, and much more. This tends to make targeting your ideal audience a bit simpler.

Direct Competitive Intelligence

If you want more information on your competitors, and what they are getting noticed for, Instagram makes it simple. Head up to the search bar, type in one of your commonly used hashtags, and simply sift through the competition. You can take a look through their profiles, see what they charge, see what users are liking, etc.

Knowing Trends First Hand

Right now, one of the most trend-based social media apps is Instagram. Anything from fashion, health, makeup, to even soap cutting has become extremely popular. This is particularly important if your company is product or sale based. If you are a shoe company, and begin to see certain styles or looks being heavily shared, it may be time to dip into those trends.  

Instagram’s ‘Explore’ Option

This is one of our favorite features on Instagram. Through advanced technology, the app will actually compile an entire list of trending posts based on your likes, comments, and searches. If you’re someone who owns a makeup company, Instagram will provide you with makeup posts, cosmetology posts, fashion posts, makeup tutorials, etc. Essentially anything within in your niche, begins to be what you’re seeing the most of.

Your Next Favorite Social Media App(s)

If Instagram isn’t for you, don’t stress about it. Others find success in several other social media platforms, such as:

  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Pinterest

You are not just limited to just one, that is important to note. It is highly suggested you implement each platform, or hire a social media marketing specialist to handle your social for you.

If you’ve already found success in a particular social media application, we want to hear about it. Which app are using the most? Where do you find a majority of your sales coming from? What do you use to schedule your posts for the platforms you use?


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