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Three Alternative Ways to See What Your Users are Doing

Three Alternative Ways to See What Your Users are Doing

Users may be visiting your site, but that doesn’t mean that everything on your site is optimized and effective as it should be. But, how do you know how to optimize your site if you don’t know what your users are doing? 

Three Tools to Find Out What Your Users are Doing

These tools will help you follow your users or subscribers’ heatmaps.  Heatmaps help you figure out mouse activity.  This can tell you a lot about your page, including sections on your page that distract your customers or lack information you need to add, show how your page works in different screen sizes, analyzes reachability of the content, what users are really looking for when they go on your page, what keeps them on your page or drives them away, and whether your header works or not. There is a wealth of insightful knowledge that you can use to constantly improve upon your site.

There are so many heatmapping tools available on the market. Which you use highly depends on what exactly you’re looking for. Some are mainstream, with multiple functions. Others are niche, only focusing on certain areas of user activity monitoring — such as recording specific user session.

To help you zone in on the tool you need, here are some of the best tools that will help you monitor user activity on you page.

Crazy Egg

how to optimize your site

This is perhaps the most popular heat map tool on the market. Apart from the usual click, school, and cursor heat maps, Crazy Egg also has a confetti heatmap. It allows you to section your heatmap data into different sources, meaning you can see users from varying social networks or search engines interact with your site.



HotJar is one suite with a diverse set of uses, ranging from session recordings and heatmaps to funnels and form analytics. If you want a web optimization tool that does it all, HotJar is what you’re looking for.

For heatmaps, HotJar has a click, tap, scroll, and mouse movement tracker. That means it follows what your users typically look at, what they find interesting enough to click and content that they end up reading. Combining their session recording and conversion funnels can help you increase the usability of your site, boosting the possibility for conversion.

Lucky Orange

lucky orange

Out of the three, Lucky Orange provides the greatest bulk of information on visitor viewing behavior. If you’re looking for an in depth idea understanding of your users, then their live session feature will really speak to you. The tool even lets you interact with those users real time by answering their questions and helping them out.

A lot of their other features are akin to the first two, but they’re definitely more ambitious in terms of scale and depth. They want to do more things that digs deeper into customer behavior.

 Which tool are you going to try?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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