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Creating Effective “Calls to Actions” for your web pages

For effective search engine marketing, you need more than just top rankings. It’s not going to matter where you rank if you are not converting sales, so remember to include strong calls to action to compel a response from the reader.

But also remember that people often get accustomed to the same type of terminology if it is repeated over and over again.

Practice coming up with new ways to describe a “call to action” so that it still delivers value, but does not get ignored.

The same is true when describing a special bonus or a guarantee. Work to make your “calls to action” memorable. Make them stand out on the page.

A good rule of thumb to remember is this; use 2 calls to action on each page. One should be above the fold and then again below the fold at the bottom of the page.

Not too long ago I wrote a post on using a “call to action” on your pages. It’s a great read and gets into a lot more detail about how and where to use a “call to action”.

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